Xbox E3 2018 Plan Being Worked on With New Things

It would seem that the Xbox E3 2018 plan is being worked on or could already be close to completion. This comes after Phil Spender replied to a tweet in regards to their E3 effort for the year. The original question was in general, how is the planning coming along and do you feel this is a big one for Xbox? (@BeastFireTimDog). The reply from Phil Spencer was "I like the E3 plan this year, doing some different things which I think will be good. I think we have to continue to evolve, excite, learn and get better. I feel like we will do all of these this year."

With that it looks the plan is definitely being considered or in a state of creation at this point and they're looking at working on new things with it. This follows a similar goal the company had at last year's E3 2017 conference. They definitely evolved with what they were showing and what the general focus for their platform was. It should be exciting to see what they bring and like usual we'll be at the event covering it for the fourth time in a row while also being in attendance for the Xbox E3 2018 conference event, assuming there is one again this year. While it's still early, start watching for early E3 teases and announcements being made.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner