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Xbox Parity is Not Enforced on Either X or S Console Models

When it comes to consoles there's a bit of a gap in performance with the newer model on Xbox presenting much greater power. That has created some times where folks complain about cross-play and the issue with performance differences between the two. This is where Mike Ybarra came in on Twitter to note in response that "we do not require any “parity” in terms of an S or X version of any developers games that I’m aware of. It’s developer choice what to do with graphics, etc."

This followed an initial complaint about cross-play of the original Xbox One model holding back Xbox One X for 60fps in Destiny 2. Then a mention about PC having to be 30fps if it had cross-play with the consoles. The response was fine from Ybarra in regards to the noted tweets and confirms/continues the mention that no Xbox parity is forced on developers when working on the various models of the console family. Developers are free to do whatever they'd like with the graphics and finer points of releasing games on the family of consoles.

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