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Xbox Store Now Integrated Directly Into the Windows Store

There have been gradual connections between the Xbox Store and the Windows Store (known as the Microsoft Store, I've always called it the former). Both have had separate lives in the past with Play Anywhere titles being available on both or even the Xbox One games appearing in the library section which essentially did nothing. You could even do some purchasing through the Xbox app, but now all Xbox One games are available within the Windows Store. This is not in regards to playing Xbox One titles on Windows 10 PC as they're still locked to the platform. This is purely for purchasing the games, pre-ordering them or buying any DLC as well. This can be found from the "Shop Xbox" tab and at the bottom of that page. It's strangely hidden actually despite being a great feature.

You can also search for the games, but will need to filter for the console. Another odd feature as just searching for "Gears of War 3" doesn't display the games unless you specifically click the drop-down option to display the console. To the side of that, the store does include all releases whether they're pure Xbox One, Xbox 360 (Backwards Compatible) or Original Xbox (Backwards Compatible). If you own the games you can tell your console to install them and you can also gift them like you would on the regular store. It's great to see this integration become available and it only makes sense as the two stores continue to mesh together with releases. A final mention is that this is basically the same as on the console as you can share, check out the game hubs or even view screenshots/videos that have been created for a particular game.

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