Battlefield 1943 Revisited

This was a fun release in the series, it was a small digital offering that took players back to a classic time in the series. It wasn't anything too large, but featured three great maps with Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. There was even a special extra offered after the community reached a kills goal with Air Superiority which just focused on aerial combat. It was a very focused package with just the well loved Conquest mode being present, but with all the different types of vehicles players could want. Whether that was with jeeps, tanks or planes. It was a great cheaper option to introduce players to the series, for those that hadn't really gotten into the series at the time.

Battlefield 1943 released in summer 2009 digitally on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It was later made available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. There was also a planned Windows PC version, but that was cancelled to focus more dedicated development on Battlefield 3. At the time the game went on to become the fastest selling download only title after the first week. It was the top selling Xbox Arcade game of 2009 with over 268,000 sales on Xbox 360 as of 2010. This was developed by DICE and published by EA which is a usual occurrence for the series.
Battlefield 1943 Wallpaper Cover
I have fond memories of playing Battlefield 1943 and while that was a short period as you can only play three maps so many times, it's definitely still enjoyable. I did put in quite a bit of time as I had all of the Achievements, but there hasn't been much of a point to visit it again. I'd actually love to see a similar effort from the Battlefield series in the future, maybe a way to test out different eras or things they normally wouldn't put in the large entry. Whatever the case, it was a grand time whether I was driving or running around with friends blasting others. It's certainly not as impressive now, but to get the whole Battlefield package in a smaller way was great then.

The visuals have not aged well on the console looking very rough, but it still plays well. The destruction is fun and the maps are still great in design. It feels somewhat tame in terms of player counts as even consoles have caught up to the bigger theaters of war, but it was fine then so whatever I suppose. It feels lively enough as you wage war within Conquest to tackle the flags and win the battle. This may be eclipsed by the updated visuals, style and design of Battlefield V yet it's still a fun little side shooter if you want classic action. Just have to hope it's still populated by players. Hopefully at one point it's able to get a quick visual upgrade to be Xbox One X enhanced.

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