Battlefield Bad Company Revisited

Battlefield Bad Company was really just a landmark game for DICE presenting a number of firsts for the franchise while also providing a military based story that was completely unique. The general goal of the story isn't even to really be a hero, but to survive with your ragtag squad after being considered AWOL to grab all the gold you can. As far as firsts went this was the original console focused Battlefield game built specifically for the platforms of the time. It was also the debut of the Frostbite Engine and with it came the destruction elements within the world that the series is now well known for. There was a focus on squad based combat and the always fun dog tag collection from those you knife online.

Battlefield Bad Company was released in late 2008 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with the game later becoming available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. The game was developed by DICE and published by EA as is tradition with the series. Being the first to feature the Frostbite Engine, it allowed the game to feature 90% destructible environments from buildings to the ground and even vegetation. The single player featured a lengthy campaign whereas the multiplayer brought the well balanced Rush mode where teams fought to destroy or protect gold. Aside from a couple map packs, the popular Battlefield Conquest mode also returned as a free DLC for the game later on.

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Set in the near future during the fictional First Russo-American War between the United States and Russian Federation, players take on the role of Private Preston Marlowe. Preston has been transferred to the cannon fodder Bad Company with fellow squad members Private Terrence Sweetwater, Private George Gordon Haggard and Sergeant Samuel D. Redford. Each of the members have their own quirks and its fantastic to see the comedic aspects come into play during combat. It's really the quest for gold and the different type of comedy full narrative that makes this game stand out while also being so memorable. There were a number of fun achievements to be unlocked as well such as cutting down forests, reaching new heights or finding the hidden special items.

I really loved Bad Company, it's what got me sucked into this franchise and I've enjoyed the sense of large destruction ever since. The Frostbite Engine has become a standard for this special theater of war and while this game might not hold up too well visually it's still solid. The game is just a blast to play whether you're enjoying the humorous single player of battling others online. Harvest Day is specifically a map that many will remember and fighting over gold in Rush was quite something. I'll always enjoy this game as it really does stand out from other shooters by doing something different. The smiley grenades were good as fun as well while yelling have a nice!

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