Call of Duty Zombies: Nacht Der Untoten Revisited

Nacht Der Untoten (German for Night of the Undead) is the most classic of the zombies maps being the start of it all and the most re-used map in the series. Releasing in 2007 as a secret in Call of Duty: World at War, Nacht Der Untoten completely changed Treyarch's Call of Duty games with all future entries having zombie maps in the base game and DLC. It's also leaked over to all other versions of Call of Duty being a must have side mode. This first map is truly iconic being a case of pure survival and skill within a small map located on an airfield. It's got a small dense setting that works well in adding horror and chills with zombies scrambling in from every angle. They never anticipated the mode growing to such heights with its humble small beginnings and it has become a selling point for many now.

The map featured three small rooms with tight spaces and ultimate zombie slaying chaos. There's the main spawn area where players have a fairly open space with multiple walls where zombies crowd in. To continue, players would open doors for the money they earn by slaying zombies and they could go up or into the back room. The upstairs is a very tight space with limited movement, but some good sights over oncoming zombies and a sniper cabinet that hasn't returned in other maps. The other back area was where people were treated to the magic of the Mystery Box.

Call of Duty Zombies: Nacht Der Untoten Xbox One
The Mystery Box is the ultimate tool of survival in the series being an iconic place of unlimited weapons. It's been adapted and changed many times over the years, but still remains something that everyone fights for. Within it are a random set of weapons from base guns you might find in the given games to wonder ones. This includes the legendary Ray Gun which made its first appearance and has remained an iconic weapon in the series since. On the wall were some regular guns and that was something players would rely on come the later rounds.

It's less about strategy here and more about control since it can become overwhelming very quickly. There were originally no perk machines and it has always been kept as the ultimate survival challenge. The map has also been host to a number of easter eggs whether that's using the radio or destroying explosives around the map. This is probably one of the most important maps in Call of Duty for what it spawned and always a joy for some quick rounds.

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