Call of Duty Zombies: Shi No Numa Revisited

Shi No Numa (Swamp of the Dead) is the third zombies map and the second DLC zombies map to release, bringing players to a larger creepy environment. Shi No Numa is probably my personal favorite map with Kino Der Toten being close to that, but there's something about the murky swamp and layout that I just love. It's dark, unsettling and filled with horror that still stands out well to this day. Players start off together in the attic of the core building as zombies slumber over towards them. There's also a friendly guy hanging and a definite theme of horror. From there the team moves down into a large four corner split area that offers some freedom, but still tight places.

This is where things get unique as flaming hellhounds come occasionally that when all are killed grant max ammo and there are options of where to go next. The dogs are fairly iconic from this map and have been used in various forms since. The choice of moving where ever really started here, Verruckt was focused with how you moved through rooms though with Shi No Numa you can go to whatever area works. You could also opt to just go where the Mystery Box is considering it switches spots (with the first appearance of the glowing light beam) and that's not the only mix-up. Each time you play, the perk locations are random between the areas and you never know what you'll get until you travel to that location.

Call of Duty Zombies: Shi No Numa Xbox One
I personally loved the Communcations Room since it was perfectly suited for training the zombies and had the lovely Easter Egg song, "The One" by Elena Siegman. It's hauntingly beautiful and also matched with some secrets radios hidden throughout the map. There's also a special meteorite that can be found sitting quietly on the pond and that's an important part of the lore. The other areas include the Doctor's Quarters that has a zipline from the main base, but wasn't a very great spot.

Next was Storage that had a larger hut which was a death trap and a lengthy walk to the area. This spot was mixed between swamp water and dirt paths to get across to the hit. The final spot was the Fishing Hut, it features a nice square hut to defend and a narrow path to the core building. This particular path is cut-off with The Flogger, which is an awesome swinging log of death. I really do love Shi No Numa, its classic feeling with its focus on survival while offering a space with some movement and the base essentials before zombies started to go wild with expansion.

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