Call of Duty Zombies: Verruckt Revisited

Verruckt (German for Insane) is the second zombies map and the first within a DLC pack since the mode became instantly popular after the hidden Nacht der Untoten. From that map pack forward, every single one of them in Treyarch entry has contained a new zombies and the other Call of Duty titles released in recent years include a similar mode. This map takes place in an insane asylum taken from the World at War campaign and is bloodied to the max. It's a creepy space for sure with such a dirty place, yet bright with the time of day it's set at. This map introduced a lot of firsts to the zombies and was the only one to completely split up players.

Verruckt was where the rotating Mystery Box with a Teddy Bear came from as well as traps with the electric doors. This of course stems from having players turn on the power which has been the heart of zombies since. The final and another iconic part of the map were the perk machines, granting players extra abilities, yet another staple since. The map was simple, yet far larger than its predecessor featuring a square design where players could move around in a circular system and that makes sense if you know about training.

Call of Duty Zombies: Verruckt Xbox One
The zombies were more aggressive with this map, swinging at players trying to fix barricades and having an improved sprint. It was a much more hostile experience despite the larger space as the tight corridors were also present with this one. At this point the map may feel basic, but with so many additions being brought from this map it really changed the game and set up the future of zombies. The environment was fantastic, really improving on that feeling of terror while being grounded at the same time.

It definitely felt like a step up from the first map and basically expanded on all aspects of the mode. Verruckt seems to be largely overlooked in the history of the game when it provided a huge evolution for the series. Like with other maps it features some Easter Eggs including the lovely Lullaby for a Dead Man, by Kevin Sherwood and Elena Siegman along with some radios scattered across the map. These were followed by a fun scream of the electric chair and it all fed into the epic creepy map. Verruckt will always be one of my favorite maps providing a great space for survival while still giving a fearsome challenge.

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