Fable 2 Revisited

Fable 2 was a defining sequel to the original game taking place five hundred years later and greatly expanding upon the original. It was larger in scale, more open and added many social features that helped build the game out towards the ambitions of the original release. Players were given more choice right away as they could be either gender and that sense of impact continued with morality being expanded upon throughout the story. The world of Albion has grown, certain small areas are now larger cities and there's been a spur in weapon advancement as primitive guns are now available. Magic is still present and many core systems from the original game have carried forward for an iconic rpg experience.

Fable 2 released in late 2008 on Xbox 360 as an exclusive, it was developed by Lionhead and published by Microsoft. It was also later made available through Xbox Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One. The game received two DLC packs with Knothole Island and See the Future. Together these packs were later added into a bundle for a definitive take on the universe. Fans were also able to grab a Pub Games arcade title that released prior to the game which included three card games that can be found within the world.

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This is definitely one of the best and most magical rpg titles ever released and it was a defining entry into the genre for Xbox 360. The story follows yet another hero in another time that grows to great heights and the player then defines this journey. Morality plays a big part in this as it directly changes your design and influence within the world. This is mirrored with your faithful canine companion that follows from youth. It's a different sort of dynamic to have this dog being part of the experience and it was an interesting mechanic across the journey. It was great to have this awesome pet as I recall leaving him in battle once to run across my furry friend years later.

The game could be played alone across its linear design or with a friend as there was drop-in/drop-out coop. It was awesome to work with someone else and I really enjoyed this tight, yet well fit cooperative option. For those wanting to do more adult activities elements of sex were present with the option to have kids and even catch disease which was hilarious. That sense of wit returned obviously and there's a certain charm to these Fable games that make them so unique. Players could take on jobs within cities, learn some fun skills or just walk around taking in some fun side missions if they'd like.

Fable 2 is just an absolute classic with well created stories, a beautiful environment that has aged alright and so much to do. I have great memories of battling through the story and visiting a cheerful wheel of misfortune on the odd occasion. It's hard to cover everything within the game; but from eating foods and getting fat to playing with your dog, the game was just magical.

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