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Fable 3 is the third entry in the series taking players into the industrial age in a setting that takes place fifty years after the events of Fable 2. Things have changed, the world has greatly grown and the threats have never been bigger. This entry gets a lot of complaints, but I felt it still had that Fable magic and was ambitious in attempting to do something new. That aspect came across as expansion of core components and the smaller aspect of being a king. This presented some choices and while almost simple now, was a complex system at the time. Whatever the case, it's an interesting tale of revolt and revolution as the player works towards the throne. Family plays a big role in this and with some large names voice acting, the cast was stacked.

Fable 3 released in late 2010 as a Xbox 360 exclusive and later the following year on PC. What's interesting with the PC version is that it included a Hardcore mode and a 3D option not present on the console. The game was then later available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. There were some additional small DLC additions, but these were mostly cosmetic with certain weapons or items being included.

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The Hero of Bowerstone dies to kick off the game, the previous hero within Fable 2. The eldest son Logan is left in charge and after some questionably moral decisions you get out of there. From that point it's an interesting in concept tale of building up your forces. Alliances are needed in order to take the throne and this sends you out into the world in order to make that happen. It tells a minor tale of rebellion as forces are gathered, but with it being a magical fantasy story more things are going on than what it seems. There's still that sense of magical exploration, yet stripped down with the industrial setting. This new environment somewhat removes that sense of wonder in natural settings though I can see that with this change of era it made sense. The game does have some issues when you get to the late game and certain horrors are revealed.

Things then turn into a game of choices as you'll need to decide what's important as king and in a limited time this completely changes the world of Albion. Gold plays an important role in this system and for a healthy society it's essential to work on this aspect. The core of Fable was still alive in this third entry, you could play the game in coop with a friend and that's a key part of this series. There were options to have a family once again and the moral system was expanded upon as you choose between good or evil. I really don't feel that Fable 3 deserves all the hate that it gets, it might not have been as amazing as the two before it though still a fine game to play through. It had some interesting concepts as each entry in the series has brought and they just weren't fully realized with the technology at the time.

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