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Fable Anniversary Revisited

Fable Anniversary was the tenth anniversary remake of the franchise bringing the game back in full glory while improving most aspects of the game. It featured both the core game and The Lost Chapters integrating it into one single complete package. It was great to revisit the classic game and get lost in the world once more. It definitely feels more linear than it did back in the day, but that sense of wonder and early discovery is still there. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth with interactions and just what you could do while adventuring. I picked up where I left off a save from years prior and got easily back into things. Killed some Balverines, married someone after buying a house and helped a friendly ghost. It wasn't at all difficult as it might have been in the past, but it was really magical to go there and get drunk at the local tavern to then adventure around. It also holds up very well despite being a Xbox 360 based remaster.

Fable Anniversary released in 2014 which was around ten years after the original which launched in 2004 with The Lost Chapters releasing in 2005. The Anniversary released on Xbox 360 and later PC with mod support. The game was also later made available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. There were some minor bonuses that came with it at launch in the form of weapons, but other than that it was a complete package. The game also carried functionality with Smartglass at the time though that app was later made mostly unable to run due to changes in mobile devices.

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Fable is a magical series and this very game was incredibly ambitious for the time. It may not have exactly reached its promised potential, but it certainly set a standard for console RPGs. The whole larger than just being a hero in the realm concept was perfect and something unique. The moral system was particularly interesting with few other games even attempting to emulate the concept. It provided an almost second opportunity to replay the game or even multiple replay options as you could adjust how you tackle things and which morality you'll move towards. The good, the bad and it was all up to you with these paths completely altering your character. This bridges some fun elements such as the mystical temples you can align with or which challenges you attempt.

The world was large in scale offering many small towns and locations to visit that were usually filled with NPCs. These characters had their own lives and activities with it being perfectly alright if you wanted to marry any of them. This was done simply through gifts and the fun gesture system, with this setup being the start of something interesting in the future releases. Combat was engaging as you use a selection of base weapons, inflict magic or combine other abilities. There were many options and these could be improved at the guild as you progress within the world of Albion. The story was well developed as you went from a young lad and worked your way to become a hero. It was very much a personal adventure with close family being those in the hands of the enemy. Fable Anniversary was a lovely way to check out what's truly an iconic game and one that set the standard on consoles for a very long time.

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