Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Revisited

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was a shooter that felt tactical, slightly futuristic and was a blast when played cooperatively. I really did enjoy this one jumping right into it upon release and it was great. There was a fairly lengthy campaign that had some interesting elements and many distinct moments. The mix of a close future with a realistic design really worked well and since the farfetched shooter was starting to pick up pace at the time this felt like the right balance. When it came to the multiplayer aspect the levels were fairly well designed, some spawn camping was present yet it was enjoyable. You could die at any moment and it had a nice mix of skill against being lucky with your tactical spot. The modes were mostly objective based and it was a different type of combative title.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier released in summer 2012 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It arrived on PC a month after the consoles. The game was later available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. There was a beta for the title prior to launch if you had pre-ordered the the game, owned Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction or had Playstation Plus. The game was a spin-off of the regular Ghost Recon series published by Ubisoft and developed by Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Paris and Bucharest. It featured the dreaded UPlay Pass for multiplayer and had three DLC packs post-launch including Arctic Strike, Raven Strike and Khyber Strike. A neat aspect of the game that I thought worked well was Kinect support. You could go to a gun range in the game and use the Kinect to shoot the weapons, it was really interesting. This was also matched by some voice input as well.
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Wallpaper Cover
The plot takes place in the totally futuristic 2024 setting following a group of soldiers on a global series of missions. You're part of a four man ghost team titled Predator with goals of using stealth and fun toys to your advantage to deal with any threats. There's an issue of a bomb and the team works on tracking that down while engaging in various secondary objectives. Levels were a mix of open environments with mostly linear progression. You still had great choice in how you tackled spots and that felt natural to the type of tactical shooter it was. They used angles well and had a full push for having cover be essential to survival. There was a good variety of locations as well with solid pacing as you worked through a series of enemies occasionally performing the hilarious diamond formation.

The multiplayer was quite enjoyable with the Conquest mode being a blast and a focus for the player base with its popularity. This being brought around by your team performing a mix-bag of objectives while dealing with enemy players. You could get zap hacked which was annoying or just blast through folks. There was a good sense of balanced gameplay as luck could come into effect, but it was fast paced as death came by without any notice. The spawns could have been a bit better, but they do eventually give you a better option and team based spawning was nice to have. The game does hold up quite well from the campaign to the multiplayer aspects. Visually it looks really good on Xbox One despite the initial lack of an enhancement. It's sharp and the visuals are still rather impressive, it's one of the better looking Xbox 360 era titles at this point. I really enjoyed Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and it's still worth checking out as the cooperative elements truly do stand out.

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