Left 4 Dead 2 Revisited

Left 4 Dead 2 is another one of my favorite games providing countless hours of zombie horde slaying and is an iconic title from Valve. The game was originally facing some criticism due to its close release to the original, but after releasing fans were blown away by the improvements. Years later this remains one of the best games to hop in for cooperative play with friends or against large groups of players in online versus. The mod factor for this game has kept it constantly fresh with an option to swap almost anything within it. Few other titles have received this amount of love over the years from new maps to general improvements and better texture options. The online has also become insane with twenty player lobbies, tons of tweaks for streamlined play and is heavily supported by players.

Left 4 Dead 2 released in 2009 for Xbox 360 and PC with it later being available on Xbox One via Xbox Backwards Compatibility. It's an awesome experience whether you're enjoying it on the console or chopping down whatever special infected you have on the PC iteration. The campaign follows four new survivors as they attempt to survive the harsh conditions across the southern United States from inclement weather to well, zombies. The crew makes their way across iconic locations and events such as the mall with filling a race car of the carnival with a rocking concert to cap it off. This was a much bigger game with tons of new infected, objectives and weapons to use making it the ultimate zombie game. The levels were not only great, but dynamic as well changing as players progress to offer an almost distinct play each time you go through it.

Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox One
Aside from enjoying the campaign by yourself or online with others, there were a ton of modes present. Attempt to survive the hardcore time slots in Survival, battle against others in the minimally played Scavenge or just waste hours away in Versus. The last mentioned mode is a personal favorite of mine having some players try to play through a level while the others are special infected and then it flips to see which team can achieve the best score. It's intense and the assistance of mods has greatly helped with this aspect and truly keeps it magical.

If you're not playing vanilla games, the mods yet again assist with that. Explore lovely custom Villas, defend Helm's Deep or try to survive in Burger King. There are full maps available, campaigns that span locations such as Disneyland and any sort of character skin you could imagine. I personally have a Halo squad that battles Stay Puft zombies with my mod files taking double the game's size. Others are similar, but even without those the core gameplay is so damn awesome that it keeps players coming back.

Left 4 Dead 2 was Valve at its peak offering a much larger and more intense zombie killing experience. The core game was incredible with just hours of potential gameplay whereas the DLC only expanded upon it. By the end of it all of the original game levels was playable within the sequel featuring various improvements providing the full Left 4 Dead experience. Few games old such glorious value as this one does and it will always be a favorite to revisit.

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