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Marvel Heroes Omega Revisited

Marvel Heroes Omega also known as just Marvel Heroes was a free to play Marvel based title in the style of an action role playing game similar to Diablo. It was an interesting attempt at the sort of game and while perhaps average to some degree an enjoyable time. It really did aim to encompass all of Marvel as every key hero was included. You could get anyone from the core Avengers, to the X-Men and even some out there characters like the lovable Squirrel Girl. They all came together in one beautifully lore filled world to battle against various villains and enemies from within the universe. This aspect was really great and one that fans of the comics would most certainly get the best benefit from. Not only were the standard traditional costumes available, but players could also grab newer ones for various films that released over the course of the game. This included things such as Spiderman: Homecoming or Planet Hulk. I thought it would be interesting to revisit the title before it closed since it did all of a sudden get shut down and I also wanted to milk what achievements I could.

Marvel Heroes Omega was originally made available in Summer 2013 for early access players. In late 2014 it eventually released to open Beta and finally released as Marvel Heroes 2015 in Summer 2014. There was another rebrand to Marvel Heroes 2016 and that came in early January of that year. The game also released with the Omega title for consoles in Summer 2017. This was rather short lived however since the entire experience no matter where players were enjoying it or had spent their money on was closed in late 2017. This was due to Disney pulling the license and then the developer Gazillion shutting down early. It certainly wasn't expected as the game was even listed to be Xbox One X Enhanced for 4k. By the end the game had been on PC, with the console version arriving later on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Being a free to play microtransactions were usually handled by the purchase of additional characters or the various loot boxes.

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I didn't really have too much of a problem with the game, I thought it was fun and it was enjoyable to jump into with friends on the console. I was able to try out a variety of characters and in the last days really dug in for some last minute goals. The game did actually provide some solid content from a lengthy grind filled campaign to tons of extra side activities. Players could take on random activities that would pop up during patrols, battle quick operations and even do some extra challenge levels. The heroes leveled to sixty, could prestige and had all sorts of skills to adjust. This provided a wide range of tweaking from abilities to equipment for so many Marvel heroes. There was everyone from Deadpool, to Spiderman and even obscure characters like Squirrel Girl. The roster was over sixty characters deep and with that the widest selection of villains to meet that one could expect.

These enemies were introduced with henchman and slightly stronger characters as well with teams of players venturing across the entire universe of Marvel. It greatly explored the backdrops of so many iconic places, characters and the story weaved this altogether so well. There really was a lot of content present within the game and honestly after working through it to finish some things up I wish it would have been alive longer. It's tricky with these online games, something happens and they just vanish. I can't ever go back to Marvel Heroes Omega, but at least I'll leave it with a warm memory of blasting away enemies as Captain Marvel to grab what achievements I could. This in pair with opening piles of loot boxes, the frenzy of items they gave out in the final days was awesome.

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