Metal Slug 2 Revisited

Metal Slug 2 (Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II) is a run and gun classic arcade shooter where players move through environments blasting away whatever enemies they come across. It features a variety of distinct settings and creatures from across the globe strung together with intense levels. These levels are lengthy and at the end of them players come across a very large metal monster to battle. They can take advantage of using various vehicles, helping stranded people for bonuses and unlock all sorts of secrets by doing certain tasks while playing.

Metal Slug 2 released in 1998 for Neo-Geo MVS and since then has been ported so many times. The game has appeared on Playstation; Playstation 2, PC, Wii, IOS and Android. It has also been re-released as an ACA NEOGEO title for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch as part of a large spread out collection. This game certainly has a long running history and it's easy to see why with how much of a blast the game still is today. It holds up quite well with its detailed pixel graphics and simple shooting mechanics.

Metal Slug 2 Screenshot
The story takes place sometime after the first with the main goal to play as a member of this squad aiming to take out General Morden's followers. This has players going on a global and mystical adventure. You move from desert streets to open forests and even insane silo-like areas. There are other twists as well with what enemies you come across and just basically blast everything in sight. There's a decent selection of weapons available and the vehicles are fun. They also feel like rewards after blasting through so many enemies that get in the way.

Destruction is brought to another level as you wreck parts of the environment and cause absolute mayhem. I also loved how distinct the visuals were with smaller touches to add extra realism. The game can be tough at times with its arcade roots though very fun to work through while throwing lives at it. There's a good selection of enemies present that react in a fun way to your presence and this is reflected with the many bosses. It's mostly a well designed experience that tells a story through visuals and events.

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