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Minecraft Xbox 360 Revisited

The very first version of Minecraft Console Edition was on Xbox 360 and since its inception the game has virtually been made available on every single console out there. This port of the game was handled by 4J Studios and released in Summer 2012 being the very basic version of the game. It had basic survival with limited worlds, but the option to invite friends or even do local splitscreen while featuring a simpler crafting design. This was a very barebones experience, but my first with the game and where I fell in love with the game. It was a good starting point for those that had never played it anywhere else and helped with learning the essential aspects of the game.

I actually received Minecraft Xbox 360 to review two weeks before it came out and wish I would have been older then for better coverage/videos. Definitely a missed opportunity, but I've loved the game since and continue to play it everywhere. Despite releasing as simple version of Minecraft, the game continued to receive updates with new items, blocks and features to keep it flourishing. The technical limitations keep things relatively small, but the updates have certainly kept it alive.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Wallpaper
In Minecraft, in case you somehow haven't played it the goal is to build things with blocks and survive against creatures. It might sound simple and it actually is, but that's the point. It's incredibly accessible to all players and loved everywhere because of how attractive the game is for all ages. It's also got a lot of depth with some advanced things you can do and the many different gameplay elements available. It's been interesting to see this version of the game grow as well since it continues to work towards its PC counter-part. Despite this development over time, I still feel that it should have received updates faster and less buggy ones considering how long it takes 4J Studios to update the game. They have however done wonders for making Minecraft easy to play, and to connect with others in multiplayer.

The added Mini Games are also rather fun for those that want an easy way to play with people and not have to create their own maps to play the modes. That aside, some of the best times have been sitting there and crafting custom maps with my friends. We've created our own intense Hunger Games, PVP arenas, Mini Games and basically everything you could think of in the game. It's been great to meet with people that have created content over the years and it's nice as you always learn new building tricks from others. Despite being the first Minecraft Console Edition game, the Xbox 360 has fallen from that grace over the years of technological advancement. While that's sad, it has given us the solid versions we have today.

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