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Nintendo E3 2016 Revisited

This will be a rather easy one as Nintendo only brought a singular entity to the show, and while it was a simple setup the game blew everyone away at the event. This game was of course The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which was really the WiiU's swan song and then it became the core launch title for the Nintendo Switch as well. The game was on display everywhere across Nintendo's area whether that was within the enclosed nature area or their behind the scenes section. I probably can't talk about the latter very much, but there were many consoles all with the WiiU and the Wolf Amiibo on their side.

It was surprisingly full there so I was taken through the exhibit to get an idea of what this was all about. I was told this is part of the magic for those waiting in line hours to play. I got to walk down the line to see everyone waiting and then we hopped through into the next batch. It was somewhat comical, though very much an exciting experience. Once inside you start at this castle like area and then get thrown out into a surreal type of place. Despite taking place on the show floor it felt like a unique location with gorgeous painted backgrounds, giant statues of characters from the game and plants.

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The plants were also very real and I should know as I was told to go feel some. They're like, "the plants are real, go ahead and feel them". So I went off the slightly roped area and felt the plants; there were some trees and grass, 100% authentic. I often wonder why they bothered bringing the plants, but the air was a bit better in there and it shows care into really creating a special experience. It was also exciting to see many people playing the game and then being escorted out the back to go and play it myself. The game was incredible, not only in terms of scale but also the visuals with such soft yet lovely visuals. It was slightly jagged back then, but that was expected since the majority of things there are in production still.

Breath of the Wild was certainly impressive and met my expectations then with it almost being too hyped of a game for the later launch. I spent my time learning basics, killing some creatures and cooking some food. I was told stories about how some people just spent their time with it chopping wood or one person just running as far as they could. Personally, I was the only person to drown the Wolf and even my tour guide didn't think that was possible. This wasn't done on purpose, but that wolf could not keep up with me in the pool and I recall that I also drowned. The demo was less about doing anything and more about just getting the fastest test of what was in this world I could pull off. I left with high impressions of the game and gave it my best of show award.

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