Nintendo E3 2017 Revisited

Nintendo E3 2017 was a return to form for the publisher, the year prior was quiet with a focus on just The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This time around they went with a massive open hall display with Super Mario Odyssey being the center of all the attention. This setup featured large statues, colorful lights and a thrilling city block theme. You could grab the special hat by doing something and line up to play a plethora of titles. It was quite cool, I loved the Zelda theme the year previous yet this felt more natural and a healthy display of how well the Nintendo Switch was doing so early on. Nintendo's presence at the event started with their direct, a livestreamed display of what's to come in the future.

There it was confirmed that Rocket League was arriving on the platform, which it did. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 got more of a focus, it did release and was looking good when I visited it at Pax West 2017. The big reveal was of course a new Metroid title which doesn't have a release date at this point. Kirby Star Allies was also announced, it released and a Yoshi title was teased which should be arriving in 2018. Fire Emblem Warriors was shown, and we also got to see a tease for Breath of the Wild expansions. While it was shown at the Ubisoft conference, more Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was displayed and of course more Super Mario Odyssey as it was the focal point.
Nintendo E3 2017 Wallpaper Cover
After that was out of the way, it was time for the show floor which was all about games. I once again was taken to their back area to try out a plethora of titles. I grabbed a photo with Mario as he was back there walking around and played on the Nintendo Switch. It was a decent time and I got to play basically their entire line-up. There was a series of consoles back in the press area stacked with games to check out and wanting more coverage I chilled out playing a pile of them. I checked out Fifa 18 which played alright, there was also Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which was surprisingly great. I asked jokingly about Mario with guns, but since they're a certain style it was cool.

I tried some Fire Emblem for the first time which was just like Dynasty Warriors so I wasn't too thrilled with that one though found it interesting enough. A big chunk of time was spent with Super Mario Odyssey where I ran around collecting things, throwing the hat and then hopping about. I wasn't aiming to do anything with it, just wanted to explore what the world had to offer and it was enticing. I finished my time with Nintendo by playing some cooperative Splatoon 2 in their up-deck and then had a wonderful interview. It's nice they're always able to find a spot for me at these events, would however be grand to get more review opportunities. Anyways, slight extra note aside that was Nintendo E3 2017. A bold expansion over the previous year with Mario at the helm.

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