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Outlast Revisited

Outlast is clearly one of the most terrifying games I've ever played, not only in terms of being completely scary but also in just how purely unsettling it is. There's the right combination of horror, gore and scenes that will haunt you for the rest of your life. I've played many games that have claimed to be scary, but there is nothing out there like Outlast. As a reporter you head to a psychiatric hospital in order to investigate claims from a Whistleblower about weird paranormal events going on inside. The outside of the building screams leave, but you venture inside to witness death at every corridor. It's mostly through pure luck and good hiding that anyone could even survive the hellish place at all.

Outlast originally released in 2003 on PC with console versions coming in 2014 for Xbox One and Playstation 4. It brought its special brand of terror on all the key platforms while also providing a follow-up DLC called Whistleblower that was even more on the extreme.

Outlast Xbox One Good Doctor
This guy up above is my favorite thing in Outlast, I didn't think he'd go as far as he did and this guy will forever haunt me. The good doctor is just one of the key fights in this experience. Outlast is not only an intense linear game of ghouls or crazed maniacs, but one that's expansive. There are many locations you will visit on the way to leaving and hopefully making it out in somewhat one piece. It's got a unique blend of survival mixed with narrative and cinematic parts that tell a cohesive story. There are also some creative puzzles present that have you explore further than you'd like to. You'll pray for batteries on your crappy camera to give just enough light to push forward. It's dark and changing your brightness will not help you any more as its true black.

The game also looks really good with some beautiful textures and gore filled rooms. There were just so many interesting uses for the many corpses or slightly alive people that you ran into while adventuring about. The DLC follows that up to the max as I didn't honestly think it could get anymore crazy, but that expansion certainly did it. Outlast works well as not only a creative use of first person horror, but one that really pushes the genre to a different level. I've yet to play or experience any sort of media that hits this level and stays at it through a lengthy story. Play this if you can handle it as the nature of this title is beyond other games.

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