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Playstation E3 2016 Revisited

Playstation E3 2016 was awesome, they brought games and a really great conference presentation. I was particularly impressed having not done anything with Playstation at my first E3 in 2015 and they really rocked it. The biggest thing to take from the event was the games, so many and the PSVR was well presented too. Not only was there strong first party support, but they also had a number of great exclusive deals and third party partnerships.

Taking place in quite a classy theater we were greeted by a minor orchestra (full orchestra, someone pointed that out. From where I was sitting it didn't look like it) that got the crowd pumped for the reveal of the visually impressive God of War. The onslaught of games then started from there as that served as a hype point. Following that display was a surprising Spiderman exclusive reveal teaser, not sure anyone could have guessed that. We also saw Days Gone which I wasn't blown away by, but am certainly looking forward to seeing more from it to get a better idea. Detroit: Become Human was shown with an emphasis on the type of game it was while we also got the last big reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn before it's incredible release in 2017, that game is perfect.

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It'll probably be hard to get to everything shown in a timely manner, but Gravity Rush 2, Gran Turismo Sport (with VR!) and the long awaited The Last Guardian all got mentions as well. Playstation then switched gears going over their PSVR launch content, but I'll get to that in a bit. They also had the latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare walkthrough display with their continuing partnership, including Modern Warfare Remastered and the thirty days first access. We got a strange tease for Death Stranding, of which we have no idea what it means but it looks gorgeous and weird. Crash Bandicoot remastered showed up for a bit as an exclusive (for now, we're not 100% if there's a timed exclusivity to it) and a pile of indie games that would take too long to completely break down.

Back to virtual reality, the PSVR got its full launch type reveal with what games were going to grace the peripheral. Farpoint took point with that, along with Batman Arkham VR and a VR option for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

After the show ended, we were sent to play at their arcade and it was lined with PSVR headsets. This was fantastic as I don't have any time to eat while at E3 with them feeding us before and after the presentation. They had a quality mixer event before so press could chat and a special game oriented food area after. Highlights of that being the legendary donut wall and an odd cheese wall.

The show floor mirrored what was shown at the conference with private booth areas for theater presentations, a back VR section and a pile of games in the middle of it all. Definitely a strong showing for the future of Playstation whether that was the exclusives or the PSVR launch that was being prepared.

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