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Resident Evil 6 was another evolution for the core franchise truly embracing fast paced combat as many standard elements were sped up and the explosions were turned up a notch. It sort of makes perfect sense coming from Resident Evil 5 as this game really just progresses on the gameplay that release had started. Except now it's almost all action with fast paced combat, reloading while moving and more style moves to tackle enemies. It seems rather strange considering the roots, but an eventual outcome of their continued development towards an action style experience. I did however find the setup rather neat where they brought multiple perspectives together and then had all the campaigns have smaller interactions throughout. It's easier to tell this sort of story as opposed to making a single long entry that follows a small group.

Resident Evil 6 released in early 2012 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with PC following the next year. The game was also later re-released in spring 2016 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 including all previous DLC content. This new version was essentially the same game with an increase in resolution and a bump to a smooth 60fps. The game was developed and published by Capcom eventually becoming their second best selling game. There was some decent length to this one with multiple campaigns and perspectives that each aimed to tell a different story with unique enemies while still keeping it cohesive. The game could also mostly all be accessible for two players in coop which was nice.

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I definitely think Resident Evil 6 was a nice mix-up of things in the franchise, it was a huge departure from the traditional horror but the concept of multiple stories interacting at once was interesting. I found some of the creatures you faced to be rather crazy and they fit in well. The variation in enemies was also appreciated since each campaign had its own sort of thing going on. That being said, it really was action driven and I didn't feel that it grasped that horror element very well. It was fantastic that the game featured two player coop so that I was able to work through it all with someone else, it's good to have some story driven cooperative experiences. The game really worked on making that a big focus as well since players would often be split up or need to grant assists in situations.

I did like the improvements to the HUD section as weapon selection was so smooth and that each faction had its own little menu to use. This was an interesting group up for fans as everyone typically is only present within their own stories and it continued multiple events all at once. This aspect of different stories and themes going on at once while still all connecting is something other titles should attempt as well. I did find the variation to be nice and was surprised that they weren't all just facing run of the mill enemies but in different settings. Some of these monsters were truly intense though others such as the back holding hostages were purely silly. It's a fine entry into the series, it's certainly different though an evolution that makes sense considering the prior release. While not everyone will love the action and I too found it over the top at times, seeing so many familiar faces at once must have a blast.

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