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Saints Row IV Revisited

Saints Row IV is the most absolutely insane and over the top game I've ever played breaking reality while somehow fitting perfectly within its universe. The Saints Row series was once a grounded alternative to Grand Theft Auto and as time progressed, the whole thing got ever stranger. I was surprised it jumped so far so quickly, but I still appreciate just how wild the fourth entry was. It didn't hold back on anything presenting the world in some degree, as a simulation and doing anything it wanted to with that. In the story, the Saints hold office as you become the President of the United States with your tight crew and then aliens invade. You somehow hold them off, but that's not good enough as their leader Zinyak is ruthless. He comes down to showcase their true power and everything heads south fast.

The game originally released in late 2013 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC with its origins being a joked April Fool's announcement of "Saints Row: The Third Enter the Dominatrix". This turned into the full game and also a DLC pack that followed the release of this one. Aside from the core game there were a couple larger spin-offs such as "Gat Out of Hell" and many additional downloadable packs like my personal favorite "How the Saints Save Christmas". There was also a later release of the game with the title of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected that acted as a remaster for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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Saints Row IV was fun and still is fun as one of the wildest games you could ever play. It never takes itself seriously and every step of the actually well designed journey aimed to make a mockery of something. It did however throw out the realism from earlier in the series and I could see how it might be too easy for some. That being said, it's a wonderful journey that really throws you across its universe. There were historic elements, technology based areas and a narrative that was a joy to run through. It was also packed with side activities to do as all the games in the series have had so you could spend hours tackling those challenges.

I loved the wide range of characters that were present with each bringing a distinct personality to the team. These characters were also well rounded with loyalty missions which helped make them matter just that much more. It was also great how casual certain ship activities were in a nod to Mass Effect and it still somehow kept the drama while keeping the mood light. It was crazy to become ever more powerful and I was surprised at how many different abilities you could unlock through progression. You basically become a god by the end of it and for the most part that makes it more fun though less serious. This game also introduced us to the holy Dubstep Gun which is now iconic for the series, it brings the bass.

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