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Saints Row: The Third Revisited

Saints Row: The Third was the last somewhat grounded entry in the series following the Saints as they headed to a new city to deal with some fresh competition. The story started out rather intensely as the crew robs a bank and then deals with the death of a core member. This sets the stage for revenge as the crew begins taking over the city by gathering new friends, expanding their empire and building on the Saints brand. It was a wild and larger release for the series marking a transition to an experience that was even wilder than the previous entry. It included just going bizarre with weapons, the types of missions you tackle and the changes within the world.

Saints Row: The Third released in late 2011 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It was later made available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. The game was developed by Volition and published by THQ. It received some DLC over the course of its life and part of that teased content later became Saints Row IV. This pack was called Enter the Dominatrix which was announced on April Fool's 2012 and later became a sequel after production initially started with it as a DLC pack.

Saints Row: The Third Wallpaper Cover
The campaign for Saints Row: The Third was solid providing a different atmosphere and something brand new for The Saints to experience. This area wasn't their home and it brought a fresh challenge in that they had to once again take over an area while building their crew up. It brought many of the series' now iconic characters and helped round out the group towards the fourth wild entry. I really enjoyed once again chilling with the core group, completing their personal missions while working towards the common goal. The enemies here were quite crazy and just out there in style. The missions really followed this aspect of going wild as many had some goals that I couldn't imagine any other game would even attempt to do. This all worked towards what makes the series fresh as the comedic aspects follow this lack of seriousness in what's going on.

Aside from doing main missions players could also take on just a pile of mini games which provided countless hours of just running around randomly across the city. There was the option to enjoy the world with a friend which was once again nice and it made the story something that was great to share with someone else. The soundtrack was also a highlight back in the day really helping to push the environment of the game and many of the cinematics. At this point the game has aged alright though some aspects of the world and the characters in cutscenes aren't particularly great. Saints Row The Third has a weird name, the strangest selection of weapons and activities though it all comes together in a really solid game. It's definitely created its own sort of open world with The Saints being a group of wacky personalities that you love to fight alongside.

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