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Sonic Adventure 2 Revisited

Sonic Adventure 2 was one of the few memorable in a good way 3D Sonic titles and one of my favorites. It brought a solid story presenting both heroes and villains while also giving us a deep dive into the Chao Garden. Here you could raise your own Chao and that was quite something for sure. The general story followed a variety of characters from the series with multiple perspectives and missions for each. This provided a nice split in the action as each character had different abilities and levels for them to work through. Sonic was fast, Tails battled on mechs and Knuckles did some flying for example. There was also some competitive multiplayer to take part in which was fun and provided a selection of modes to battle it out on.

Sonic Adventure 2 released in 2001 with a Battle enhanced version releasing the year after. It was initially available on Dreamcast, the last Sonic game to be released on the platform before its demise. In 2002 as mentioned the Battle enhanced version was available on Gamecube. The game additionally got a downloadable version many years later in 2012 as a port for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It was then even further available on Xbox One through Xbox Backwards Compatibility in 2017. It was always well received but you can really tell many years later that the camera could be awful and plot was somewhat shallow.

Sonic Adventure 2 Wallpaper Cover
I definitely recall fondly playing Sonic Adventure 2 on the Gamecube and spending too many hours battling locally. That was the case for jumping right into it years later when the port was available and even now with the newer console to run it this game does hold up quite well. Some of the visuals have definitely aged, but for the most part it looks fine. The sounds are still great and while the voice acting is hilarious at times, I don't have too much of a problem with it. I'll always enjoy playing this as I felt that for the most part it got the key aspects of Sonic and team right. Not everything was great and some parts felt odd for the characters, yet overall a great time.

The levels for Sonic had that speed I desire down well and the camera angles were for the most part slick as you'd constantly be altering perspective in the quick time events. There was a variety of levels available across the campaign with mostly all of them being a fresh place to explore. You got everything from intense rushes to boss fights and even some not so great gem searches. Aside from just rolling through the story the battles locally were enjoyable and I believe I spent quite a fair bit of time doing those with friends. It was certainly one of the defining Sonic titles and the Hedgehog when he was at his best for 3D.

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