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Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Revisited

Star Wars Battlefront was always one of my favorite series. With an initial teaser of a reboot that showed a spectacular world it almost seemed too good to be true, at least visually. While the gameplay did carry the graphics that was displayed with some solid shooting the overall experience felt shallow. This being in the limited scope of the game as it's an online multiplayer only experience with minor single player aspects that were really just tacked on due to complaints. That aside, it certainly was a fun game to play with friends and it brought a certain Battlefield level of play to infantry focused combat. Vehicles are in limited supply being offered through minor air battles in spaceships and in the DLC some larger scale conflicts.

The game released in 2015 in order to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens. It was available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC later becoming available on EA/Origin Access for subscribers. Aside from having a full season pass of DLC which included four map packs there was also a free Jakko map that launched shortly after launch. It was a solid pack with a large area introducing the Turning Point mode which had players battling for points. The four packs include the Outer Rim which took place on Tatooine; Bespin took players to the clouds, Death Star let you blow it up and Rogue One was based on the first Anthology film. I found these packs to be a mix of high quality and alright. It was interesting that each introduced a new gametype though since each was locked in certain maps and divided the community to some degree.

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There was a fair bit of multiplayer content to Battlefront featuring a very authentic world that felt completely true to Star Wars. The modes offered varied objectives from assaulting massive AT-ATs as Rebels or capturing strategic points across the map which was similar to Conquest. You could also play smaller modes such as capturing random pods, battling others in straight Blast or becoming a hero. The Heroes vs Villains mode was one of my favorites since it was strangely strategic and quite different. The heroes aspect of the game was interesting since it brought many classic heroes from the original trilogy, but also some odd ones as well in the DLC. I wasn't sure why Nien Nunb or Dengar were included considering the wealth of characters in the universe, but whatever I suppose. It was also terrible to find tokens for things in-game instead of it being earned like the original series. I did however really like the sense of progression from weapons to items in multiplayer and that it kept getting new additions.

Star Wars Battlefront definitely did do some things right in terms of bringing visuals that one might have not expected in a game and providing a solid shooter. That being said, there were some aspects that didn't exactly help to provide the full package and overall it felt shallow. The DLC did help expand the game into something that was larger, but it still cost money to get that feeling of a full experience. It might have also been the focus on just providing the Original Trilogy that made the game feel like it was missing content. By the end of the content releases for Battlefront it was a fine game though I still felt like there was something else that could have made it just that much more special.

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