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Sunset Overdrive Revisited

Sunset Overdrive was a delight, it was hilarious and full of exciting traversal methods that came together in a very appealing way. I always felt this game didn't quite get the recognition it should have considering how fun it is to play. Nothing is taken too seriously in the game as it's basically a series of jokes piled on top of each other and I absolutely loved it. The story is based around a drink company called FizzCo taking place in 2027 and after an insane party to celebrate the release of their new drink Overcharge Delirium XT, everyone is turned into mutants. They're called OD (overcharge drinkers) and come in many gruesome yet colorful forms. These range from the smaller creatures to absolutely massive terrifying monsters that all crave the drink.

Sunset Overdrive released in 2014 as a Xbox One exclusive for the console and it definitely shined as one of the early titles. It was published as a first party by Microsoft and developed by Insomniac Games. It was also an interesting partnership as Insomniac retained the rights to the IP. Aside from the base game two DLC packs released, The Mystery of the Mooil Rig and Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machine which were both story based.
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In the game you could choose your gender and basically edit the character anyway from there. I particularly love my design sporting a lovely flowing scarf with aviators and bright green colors. It's wacky, and fits the general theme of the game. The comedy was hilarious as it was mostly adult focused with options to adjust it for the younger ones. The story brought players across the massive area of Sunset City that featured multiple distinct areas. With each of these places players would come across a different faction and you could tell the developers just had fun with it. The developer love was further shown with funny little live videos that played during the game, as a reviewer we also got a special message which was nice.

Aside from wacky people, there were crazy guns like the Teddy Bear launcher that was heavenly and many odd abilities. These all helped with your movement and the traversal system was incredible. You could essentially grind or hop off anything and string it all together for point combos. The wacky play also continued with the game featuring many deaths that mocked tons of popular pop culture things.

The story was great, lots of fun and had a really badass ending which I won't spoil. Aside from the story were a pile of little missions or tasks including protecting areas from massive hordes of the OD. This was mirrored to a degree online as players ran through the city competing against each other while slaughtering hordes of the creatures. I love Sunset Overdrive, the game is just magical and so much fun to play.

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