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Voodoo Vince Revisited

The Xbox really doesn't have many classic games, but Voodoo Vince is most certainly one of those titles. The game follows Vince, a Voodoo Doll brought to life by Zombie Dust. The dust and his boss Madam Charmaine have been taken with Vince needing to collect both. The game has certainly aged quite a bit by today's standards with some platforming feeling awkward, but the story remains charming and fun. The levels are short though full of depth with open options for traversal and this works well. It's got some simple elements that are brought to the extreme with many grueling segments in the campaign.

Voodoo Vince released in late 2003 on Xbox as an exclusive and missed out on Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility due to some custom code. It has now however been made available as a remaster for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC through Xbox Play Anywhere. This service allows for all the content to be shared between the platforms which is great.

Voodoo Vince Xbox One
While the world has aged with the graphics being minimal and the environments feeling blocky, the story still has some charm. It's got a great narrative to it with Vince being a silly, yet likable character. It has a weird balance of being something for all ages while still having content for adults. This comes in the way of Vince killing himself in order to complete tasks or even use special abilities yet with any gore scenes containing green coloring to keep the rating down. It also can be intensely difficult in the later levels and frustrating to the point that I'm not sure the younger audience would be able to handle it.

The scenes of the game were well designed featuring a variety of locations with some enchanting music to match. They were also very creative with what you could do in the game switching between camera angles at times or even adding in vehicles. The structure of levels were basic offering a specific task in a linear fashion and then having a simple boss fight at the end of each area. This comes across as basic, but each level brought in some new task or different challenge which was nice. It was great to checkout Voodoo Vince in its classic form and it would be great to see this classic Xbox character return in a modern game. I felt that the concept is fun, the characters are fantastic and it could make for an interesting new exclusive series for the console.

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