HarmonQuest Season 1 Review

HarmonQuest is certainly a different type of show to watch as it takes the simple process of a roleplaying game among a group of folks and constructs that into a semi-structured show. Included is not just a long session of people sitting around a table, but animation overlayed to make each story come to life in hilarious fashion. Filmed in front of a live audience the show was adapted for watching with the animation that apparently took quite awhile and the product is golden.

The series follows the core group of "The Dungeon Master" (Spencer Crittenden); Fondue Zoobag "The Archer" (Dan Harmon), Boneweevil "The Goblin" (Jeff Davis) and Buer O'Shift "The Barbarian" (Erin McGathy). This crew was the main cast throughout the entirety of the ten episode structure though each episode brought in at least one celebrity guest.

That aspect worked really well for the series as not only were the responses of each individual different based on if they've played, but it also gave each episode a unique tone. I would perhaps even go as far as saying the ones that had no idea what they were doing might have been best, but even the experienced players had some funny episodes. I'm also not going to mention any guest star names as it's funnier to just see them show up randomly and there are some big names.

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Not only did each episode feel unique in tone and comical aspects they also still felt like a streamlined quest. It was quite something to see them keep what the show flowing well with action while still fitting in some character development. The show is of course improv for the most part aside from some pre-determined aspects for characters and the environments setup by the dungeon master.

While it was generally funny I also felt that the animation was top notch and really painted a clear picture of what was happening. This would be helpful for many people that generally don't understand the whole make your fantasy concept as it gives them a visual key. The quest also felt epic in that it covered all the grounds of what a typical grand adventure might have and honestly it did move a tad quick. I know it's trying to fit everything together into so many episodes though they made some fast ground travelling to a new location basically every episode.

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The Conclusion

HarmonQuest is definitely worth checking out as it's hilarious and filled with so many random occurences. You absolutely never know what exactly might happen at any moment and having the fresh guest stars really helped mix that up. Some episodes the guests completely change sides, some were helpful in the journey and others were funny bumps in the road.

The core group was also just great and the show built around them quite well. I would even particularly mention that the goblin played by Jeff Davis had so many great moments and laughs in the show, especially during combat. HarmonQuest was great to watch being very entertaining while providing top notch animation and generally an enjoyable show.

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Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner