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HarmonQuest Season 2 Review

HarmonQuest is really something that I look forward to as it's releasing, the first season was excellent with a great balance of animation and live action footage. For context, it's essentially a group working through a custom D&D type campaign with improv being the focus to provide some great comedic content. Part of this adventure is then animated and each season so far has worked towards the overall narrative they've been building. The core group consists of Game Master Spencer Crittenden; Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis and Erin McGathy.

With each episode they're joined by a celebrity guest and that individual provides a fresh, random character to mix everything up. This season brought some interesting guests, but I did feel that the first had a better collection. Gillian Jacobs and her Chip was great, but I felt that Elizabeth Olsen's Stirrup was the real champ. It's great to see fresh faces each time and I liked how they all work perfectly into pushing along the story while adding their own wacky impact to the overall season.

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The animation is fantastic on HarmonQuest, it looks great and captures every little naunce that the roleplayers are presenting. The core cast is solid with Jeff Davis carrying the team for the most part and that was even more noticeable this second time around. I did have some issues with the plot and while it's improv I found that this season relied too much on tiring material.

The whole conflict between Harmon and Davis' characters got real old. They kept revisiting it over and over in essentially every episode, it dragged everything down. I also found the whole Demon Realm opening set of episodes to be somewhat slow and poorly organized. They weren't too entertaining and it seemed like they didn't have a direct plan on what that area was really going to be. The later episodes definitely improved, just the first half wasn't up to the standards set throughout the first season.

The Conclusion

HarmonQuest is a really great show, it's hilarious most of the time and the plethora of guest stars really helps elevate it. Jeff Davis conquers most of the games and it would be nice to see some better support for his character. I liked how McGathy's character started to get some better development later on though for most of the season she seemed mostly set to the side.

I felt this was partly due to the conflict of the other two and that was disappointing. It certainly wasn't at the time same level of the first season in terms of guest stars and plot. It definitely had some excellent moments, incredible animation and brought some hilarious moments. Some of the episodes weren't the best and the plot seemed to meander too much.

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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner