HarmonQuest Season 3 Review

October 20, 2019 at 3:52pm
By Jason Stettner

One of my favorite shows over the last few years, it’s great that a third season actually did happen. It would be even better if another fourth season of HarmonQuest followed. To focus on the now, we get another ten episodes of the show. This is a mix of animation, and regular live action style D&D type play in-between.

If you’re not familiar with the show, there’s a core group of three players. This includes the titular Dan Harmon, Erin McGathy and the legendary Jeff Davis. They’re supported by Spencer Crittenden who acts as their game master. Each episode they also bring in a fourth celebrity guest, and that keeps things constantly fresh.

It’s always a surprise who shows up, and they pull some quality names into the mix. They had some great guests in terms of their roleplaying integration, but some of the names I thought would be awesome were the weaker ones in this. I thought that generally each celebrity was solid in this season however.
HarmonQuest Season 3 Wallpaper
This is a set narrative, and this latest season continues past events. I suppose you could jump into this fresh, but it’s best to watch it the entire way through. Things are a bit stranger in this one, it sort of acts as a way to wrap everything up that’s been building throughout the seasons. There’s some surprise appearances, and it gets a bit cosmic or well into the multiverse side of things.

It was honestly slightly harder to keep up story wise as things did get so far out of the natural fantasy setting things started from. It was more grounded in nature over past seasons and it just gets so wild this time around. They go to strange places, and the setting really is out of this world, literally. I will note a stand out moment was this insane speech, but I won’t spoil when that comes into play.

The animation is also greatly improved this time around, the details are far more impressive. They also get to use a greater selection of backdrops and it’s just more colorful due to where they go. It’s still adult in nature so get ready for some carnage and rather hilarious older themes throughout. It was weird, yet fine how they handled the whole Fondue Zoobag situation. It did certainly provide some funny situations. In general I definitely got some good laughs out of this season. Some funny moments throughout and better pacing.

The last season had some conflict difficulties within the party that dragged and that was simply cleansed this time. Which is good, that was an issue last season for me. Without that we were able to focus more on the story, the weird celebrity guests that popped in and what the actual task was. They also had some good action going on, with well set pacing.

There were some neat abilities, and the extra secret addition to their team had some fun specialties. I won’t dive into that too far as it’s interesting to see how that plays out. It’s almost as though you’re seeing doubles at times in this one.
HarmonQuest Season 3 cast

The Conclusion

HarmonQuest Season 3 is a great addition to the overall story, wrapping things up nicely and bringing some laughs along the way. It definitely is quite funny, and charming the entire way through. The celebrity additions were mostly excellent in this one, each bringing something unique. A couple of the celebrities that I thought would be best were slightly awkward.

Still, not a bad roster overall for sure. The RPG elements were more in place this time around, and that was fun. They had some hilarious critical fail moments, and that helped make this feel like a nice natural progression. It fed into the narrative well, and that was a bit harder to follow for me. It just got a bit too out there story wise. By the end I was pleased, I just hope things become slightly more grounded if it does continue.

We got some incredible backdrops not only visually, but also location wise. It just was so strange to get out there into various multiverse type areas. Those made me feel somewhat lost at times. There was definitely improved animation efforts which looked sleek and some awesome battle sequences. Again, the laughs delivered well with the core crew continues to come together in interesting ways.

Their squad was truly switched up this time and that wasn’t necessarily from their celebrity guest. I look forward to where things can go after the end of the last episode, it seems to be headed in an easier to follow direction. Well, with that I’ll hopefully look forward to covering HarmonQuest season 4 someday.

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Rating Overall: 7.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner