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Rick and Morty Season 3 Review

Rick and Morty at its best is some of the greatest content you can watch in a series format and season three brought more of what everyone expected. Not only was most of it hilarious, some of the episodes were particularly deep and even more so, surprising. I felt that in particular "Rest and Ricklaxation" was the best episode in the entire series. That being said, it also had some of the weakest episodes and I felt an extreme trail off in the last few. They went in a strange direction towards the end that could perhaps just reset everything with that making any sense of progression this season just a waste of time.

It's frustrating, yet interesting at the same time since they lean heavily towards going back to basics. This opposes the intensely great potential they had with Beth leaving, evil Morty coming into power and regular Morty only becoming more confident with a slightly brutal side. There's definitely supposed to be a hammered sense that nothing matters as many episodes have tried to display, but I still thought the basics of the first two key Rick and Morty characters might be centered points throughout the series.

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The animation is gorgeous throughout the season using a bright palette of colors and providing blistering fast scenes. Pickle Rick was damn awesome and it's nice to see animated action being presented in such a perfect way. For the most part the episodes were excellent with so many factors constantly being swapped that it's hard to keep track of which character is where in the unlimited realities.

The side separate character episodes fell somewhat flat with Beth's being a good realization, but in general not having too many great qualities and that last episode was dreadful. It was a random mess that disregarded some key aspects, but those first few moments were quite funny. Another highlight was seeing a show actually go through with the divorce and that was fantastic to explore which made the end feel cheap in how it was dealt with.

The Conclusion

This third season was solid the more I think about it, some parts really drag it down but for the most part it contained some of the best episodes in the series. Once again, "Rest and Ricklaxation" was perfect providing enough comedy while also displaying some incredible depth to the title characters and their relationship.

I didn't find the standalone character adventures to be too interesting and there's just something about the ending half of the season that felt as though it trailed right off. I look forward to the continuing quest to find szechuan sauce though I can't help but feel that the ending was bizarre, abrupt and somewhat soured the season.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner