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Runaways Season 2 Review

Marvel's The Runaways Season 2 picks up where the last season left off, with the team on the run. They finally did get going and now we get to see them become established within the community. They're still in a battle against their parents that make up "Pride" and another faction in the form of a strange being. This season doubles down on the emotional elements being overly dramatic at times. It kicks things off by immediately pairing people up into couples and that didn't quite feel natural. I had hoped they would have spent more time developing the relationships, instead of throwing the characters into them.

One of the group had a natural build-up, whereas the others felt like too fast of a dive. This of course increased the drama, and a ton of this is the team standing around letting their emotions out. That aside, they had some great action this season and a further build of what's happening. It also ties into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very interesting way, one I had not anticipated so early. There are some familiar faces that show up throughout the season, these characters being from the source material. Things have changed however, so I'm not sure how fans will react though I thought they were handled well.
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The visuals were great this season, it was well shot and featured a wide range of locations. I was impressed by the CGI, the dinosaur looked great and the magic was presented in a great way. They had some excellent moments throughout, and some strong points as the kids grew up a bit more. I did however feel that they wrapped up a certain story line too quickly, causing the latter half to trail off a bit.

It seems as though part of this was about concluding past events while kick starting another one. It's a weird mix as this feels like another half of the first season while also being the start of another season. This was somewhat odd to me, as while it did build up again I felt the trail off about half way through was too much. The pacing was generally fine, each episode went by quickly with slow points being the dramatic segments. They progressed quite a bit over the season with some fun surprises and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Conclusion

The Runaways Season 2 is a good next step for the series, but it does have some strange ups and downs. I felt it somewhat trailed off once a big moment concluded and then it got a bit odd. It definitely connects to the greater overall MCU in a way I hadn't thought of, and it does so fine. I just felt as though key moments built up and then it sort of trailed off a bit. There was also just a ton of drama this time and that could have been developed slower in the season.

The acting was solid from the group, I did notice that some characters had a lot more screen time than others. They also really didn't use Gert (Ariela Barer) this season at all, she was mostly helpless. Some of the issues made sense, but she generally didn't do anything. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this in the future, they've setup some possible interesting story lines for the future.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner