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The Good Place Season 3 Review

March 1, 2019 at 7:44pm

There's something special about The Good Place. The balance of comedy, various moral questions and just beautiful moments of drama. Part of this is the clever writing behind the show, perhaps the main element is the stellar cast. The mixture of talent behind this show equates to incredible results, so I suppose it doesn't matter who is to blame for this genius production.

The cast of characters continue to grow and evolve. They do this as a team, which has been proven to be their strong point since the start. What's really neat in this season is that they constantly take that cast to new locations, on wildly bizarre adventures. It's an expansion of the universe behind what the apparent "Good Place" is, and there's a lot going on. Most of this season is about experiments, to conclude the determination of whether these humans deserve to be in a better place.

There are of course some magical twists along the way, and a further build on the background's for everyone involved. At times, it feels like an entire season's worth of content is gone through in a single episode. It's always well balanced and just a complete treat in how it's presented. You never know what's going to happen when an episode starts, and that's a special feeling that few shows can provide.
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From creative sets; to completely fresh experiences you're never sure where an episode will start, or where it will end. It's a surprise, an exciting journey the entire way through. It's quite amazing that they're able to balance such a large cast while giving an equal amount of character development. Some of the best episodes were where they focused on a single individual, while still having the entire ensemble present with their own important tasks. It's always a blast to see everyone interact, as there's constant hilarity and moments that have a deeper meaning.

The squad goes on quite a journey this season and it was completely unpredictable to see where everyone ended up. The cast has only gotten better as this series has progressed and with an intense switch-up planned for the future I'm eager to see where it goes next. While everyone is fairly perfect in this in regards to their roles, I really must point out D'Arcy Carden's remarkable Janet performance in this season. She not only played various layers of her own character; but basically everyone else in the main cast, in a single episode. It was like everyone was there, but it was all her. Crazy, especially coming from a rather intense action scene that had proceeded it.

The Conclusion

The Good Place Season 3 is just a forking good time, the show is creative and just continues to blow away expectations. There are few shows that can pack so much content, time and experience into an episode. What's even crazier, is that it does so well and explains everything with enough detail. The pacing is remarkable and there's rarely time to lose. They still manage a large cast well, giving them all time to shine. I really felt that the presentation of Janet this season was wild, that one episode was next level acting.

To have someone perform as everyone; while still being multiples of their own character, all at the same time is rather insane. The show only continues to evolve, with great laughs and some deeper meaning as we only get more comfortable with the cast. They covered a ton of ground to land somewhere special, a place that I think will bring some rather hilarious moments for the season to come. It's just a lot of fun, with a great cast that puts it altogether. Just be sure to watch out for the Time Knife, that changes people...

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Rating Overall: 9.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner