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Veronica Mars Season 4 Review

July 27, 2019 at 2:02am
By Jason Stettner

I really never would have anticipated a movie follow-up to the show, and past that I would have never guessed another season would follow it. Things have changed, and everything will have become completely shifted during this latest season of Veronica Mars. The title character is played by Kristen Bell and it largely follows her in coordination with her father Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) as they aim to solve local crimes. The two are private investigators.

This season is perhaps the deadliest yet as they’re dealing with bombs, and other problems. Keith is losing it mentally at his old age, and Neptune is being rocked by explosions. There are multiple paths, more deadly factions and a mystery to keep things going. The overall threat was the big problem this time around, and it was somewhat of a surprise as they kept leading you in different directions for what exactly might happen. The acting was solid, and it really did deliver on that classic dual lead banter. The two were more split this time, and that made sense as they worked their own unique angles.

There’s also a bit of a next generation build-up, and a mature look at this character with her long time flame Logan (Jason Dohring). There are of course new faces, and a pile of returning individuals to make this feel like a great reunion. It didn’t necessarily throw that element in your face, but it did deliver on the nostalgia while taking this in a new direction.
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The action was rather intense in this one, and you felt a real sense of danger for characters. It’ll surprise, likely delight and then shock long time viewers. I had thought things were over at one point, for everything to rapidly change. I’m sure some will face some high level of soul crushing sorrow, but that was also magical as this was unexpected.

It was great seeing Veronica back in action, with new friends and a number of old ones. Her protégé seems perfect to enter the scene, and if there is more it would be great to see that develop over time. Things wrapped up fairly well, but at the same time I feel it’s open for a greater series of investigations. The events that do take place, will certainly change the setting, and the characters forever.

The Conclusion

Veronica Mars Season 4 is a great return for this show, acting as a way to wrap things up and be a fresh take on this character. She’s grown up, matured and is still acting in a similar fashion. Things have changed however, the stakes are higher and there’s a certain intense sense of danger present. The bombs were a good step up, and I’m very surprised where they left things. Hopefully we get to see more down the road, but for now I was satisfied with the shocking events that took place.

It was fantastic to revisit Neptune, to see the changes and to witness some rather explosive moments. The acting was solid, the chemistry between Keith and Veronica was fantastic, Kristen Bell really delivers here as the core lead. It was great to watch, and I once again was able to enjoy this great show. It’s weird to think that a fourth season happened, and that a movie proceeded it. Crazy, and certainly appreciated as this character continues to be compelling. Also, it was a shame that Mac didn’t pop up here.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner