Vice Principals Season 2 Review

Vice Principals is an interesting show as it was only designed with a limited selection of episodes and concluded upon this second season. Both seasons had a focus with the first covering the rise of these two vice principals and the second taking the form of a murder mystery to some extent.

There wasn't a death, but a shooting that critically injurged Neal Gamby (Danny McBride) which is one of the two show leads. This led way for his somewhat of a friend Lee Russel (Walton Goggins) to take control of the school. The two were battling to be principal after one retired and another took their place shortly after. They battled hard and were able to finally get in a position for either to take ownership.

That's all dealt with in the first season and the aftermath of this shooting in combination of an open spot sets the stage for the second season. It's a mix of running the school together while in different positions of power, their personal relationships and attempting to find out who shot Gamby. There's a nice mix here of comedic elements and generally solid character development. You get to see the full fallout of the last season while seeing the pair cause further issues within their lives and of those around them.

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I definitely enjoyed watching the show and felt that it really hit full stride with this second season. It had that nice mix of crazy individuals that really took things too far every chance they could. The dramatic elements were well handled and it was great to see characters grow so quickly over a short selection of episodes. The comedy mostly hit and I had a good set of laughs throughout.

It was nice to see that it could takes things to the max without holding back and that was particularly present during the finale. I found that the entire show ended in a pleasant way, not one I might have expected though most certainly satisfying. Everything seemed to be tied up nicely and it left everyone in an interesting place that made sense for them. Aside from the general narrative, the series was well shot. They had some really great stylized shots during episodes and a solid lengthy fight chase that was a stand out.

The Conclusion

The second season of Vice Principals provides an excellent solution to the build-up of the entire series. It brought a unique take on the whole murder mystery tale while keeping it mostly a guessing game until the last bit. The twists were great and those moments of intense action never held anything back. It takes some things in life to an extreme, but presents it all in an entertaining way.

The two leads of Goggins McBride really carry the whole thing as their chemistry is strangely perfect. Some of the side characters including the borderline insane Ms. Abbott (Edi Patterson) and Amanda Snodgrass (Georgia King) helped round out the experience. While it was mostly focused on the rise and struggle for power, the relationship of two vice principals was the real core of the show.

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Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner