Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand iPhone XS Review

The Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand is a fast charging option for those wanting to fill up their phones at anytime of the day. This is a wireless charging option where you can just easily place your phone against it, to immediately begin. No extra adjustments are needed, place and walk away if you'd like to. It has a lighting system to let you know it's properly set and I've had no issues with it. It also displays your phone in a flattering way that looks appealing and is easy to see at a distance.

This is important for both viewing notifications, and the FaceID to unlock it. If you don't want to stand your phone up, it also works side-ways which was interesting. I was using the iPhone XS with this latest version for context and it was excellent in terms of positioning, as well as functionality. While my focus is on the particular phone I was using for testing, I'll also mention the various details of this charger across either main phone platform. This will provide a good basis of comparison and it will help detail the device further as this isn't just for Apple products.

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Hardware Continued
With the Anker PowerWave 7.5 stand we're getting a wireless delivery of 7.5W for Apple devices and 10W for Samsung devices. The charge does not seem to quit until you've hit that max mark and it's silent the entire time. I've noticed basically no heating from the stand and it stays relatively cool. It's smaller in size so it can fit in many locations and it's rather thin which is great. The base is a bit large, but I'm assuming that's necessary for the design and functionality. Despite being so small, it easily holds your phone and I didn't have to worry about any sort of slipping.

There's grip on parts of the stand from the front where your phone goes, to the bottom which is placed on a surface. The cord for power is thin, yet a bit thicker quality wise so I don't imagine this will likely get damaged. It plugs into a rather large plug-in, would have liked this to be smaller yet it fits fine into the socket and I imagine the scale is due to charging reasons. For some more technical details the input is 12V / 1.5A with an output of 5W / 7.5W / 10W. If you're on iPhone you'll also need IOS 11.2 or later for the fast charging functionality. When it comes to cases, a 5mm thickness is around where it maxes out and some objects that are placed within your case may disrupt charging. If you're considering the use of an Apple Watch with this device, it's not compatible.

The Conclusion

The Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand is a sleek, excellent solution for wirelessly fast charging your iPhone XS. It works fine with other devices depending on their compatibility, but again this was tested with that particular model. It looks clean, is small and fits fine into any space whether that's a work station or casual family area. It's too simple to use and has the functionality to let you know if anything is wrong. It holds the phone well, makes no noise and keeps cool.

I would like future models to be slimmer and I did find the wall plug-in to be a tad large, I do understand that there are limitations when it comes to charging. That aside, it charges quickly and it has been the primary source of charging usage since I received it. It works great, and makes it easy to keep doing what I need to for work as it's perfectly angled for visibility. I've had no issues with it, I think it's a great solution for wireless charging and it looks good.

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Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand Review product provided by Anker tested with a iPhone XS

Rating Overall: 8.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner