Antlion ModMic Uni Review

November 27, 2019 at 4:31am
By Jason Stettner

I feel like I’ve said this a few times already, but I’ve been personally using the ModMic line-up for years and am fully behind the brand’s selection of microphones. This Uni option is the low end of their selection, but that doesn’t mean you should count it out.

This is sort of a direct upgrade from the ModMic 4 iteration which is something I used for quite awhile years back. I would personally suggest going with the ModMic USB, but if this fits into your budget better or just usage then it’s great. This continues to use the 3.5mm auxiliary cord, and it’s sort of a classic recording setup in that regard.

The general process behind these devices is the fact that they can be used with anything, and that’s particularly the case here with the 3.5mm. You can use them with headsets that don’t have a microphone, or really attach them to anything you’d like to. They use a magnet system for a simplistic connection setup.

The base portion has a really effective glue sticking substance and then you just go from there snapping the magnet in once it has been placed. Each of these microphones comes with a little pouch for holding and that’s filled with some extra bases as well as general instructions for usage. You get everything you would need, and it certainly works very well for handling that.

This model provides a single audio capture through a uni-directional cardioids capsule to handle noisy environments. It’s that straight forward. You get a generous length of cord with two meters. That should be perfect for any situation, and it has a velcro tie off portion included on that. There’s also a simple switch for muting, it’s large and easy to understand. The end piece is puffy and the portion leading to the that part features a stiff yet bendable option for easy positioning around the mouth area.

This is the part where things get a lot more technical in nature. The Uni-directional option provides a frequency response of 100Hz-10kHz. It has a sensitivity of -36±3 dB and a maximum input sound pressure of 110 dB. It has regular compatibility with Windows PC, mobile phones and Linux. It will need a USB adapter for use on Mac. If you’re wanting to use this on Xbox One and Playstation 4 you’ll need either a Y or USB adapter. Your choice there.
Antlion ModMic Uni Review Screenshot

The Conclusion

The Antlion ModMic Uni is a more simplistic option within the line-up, that being said it still provides a quality experience that’s reliable and fully functional across devices through the classic 3.5mm cord. As anticipated I didn’t have any problems with this one, you get a mute option and it’s easy to setup. I would personally suggested looking at the USB version as it offers a bit more for not much of a step up cost wise.

Of course, that’s up to you and what your particular needs are for recording and or regular voice usage. This one delivers on what you need, it’s simple to use and straight to the point for what exactly you’re getting out of it. You get a good selection of items within the package, and it should be more than you’ll ever really need in order to get this going. Not a whole lot to go over on this one, it works well and packs some solid features for your use.

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Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner