Gaimglass Review

December 5, 2019 at 3:51pm
By Jason Stettner

This is an interesting external addition to your monitor setup. This provides a green dot sight to assist for accuracy and speed in your setup. It might seem like an odd addition to your situation, but it does actually make sense. Some games don’t allow external targeting programs to run as you might get some sort of ban or it just generally won’t work on certain titles.

You could also place tape instead, but that’s ugly on the screen and it blocks out your visual sight line. This is a clear, light piece that sits on the screen without really being at all visible during play. When setup directly on, you won’t notice it, and just have a clean bright green LED light marking your target. It’s quite lovely to take in actually, and it was helpful to have a direct target on the screen.

With lime green being my favorite color, I definitely do like what’s presented. At the same time, it would have been nice to have LED color options or even a custom RGB setup. It would have been a nice addition, but I liked what was set here.

This is meant for monitors up to 27” at a 16:9 ratio or up to 34” at a 21:9 ratio. This isn’t compatible for larger screens, TV’s or laptops. The design features CNC’ed clear acrylic, a solid aluminum holder with an anodized black. It does look fairly sleek, while being very light as mentioned. It does smudge in the shiny black part, so try not to handle it on the front. It does blend into your monitor, so it’s not something that you’re really looking at.

Or at least, I never really noticed it being attached onto my screen. The precision dot at the center of this is 1/16th of an inch or well, a 1.5mm diameter. This is an ultra bright LED that keeps the central point set in light or dark situations. Really, whatever lighting you have in your room or even on the screen, it’s clearly visible.

There’s an easy to use calibration system, and the steps are simple for getting this setup. It’s a slight screw you adjust on the top side, not hard to get this rolling and it takes less than a few minutes. Gaimglass is USB port powered, micro USB plugged into the top of the device. You also get a fairly long cable, it was of a fair scale for plugging it in. This will also work fine with consoles, basically anything on the noted monitor sizes that’s a FPS.

The Conclusion

Gaimglass performs its noted function, providing precision and an easy setup for an undetectable sight assist. It’s a bright green, clear to see and very helpful with aiming across titles. You get a sight even when you might not have one in titles, and it works fine across a number of experiences. I tried a variety of titles, ones this might not necessarily be designed for and it was helpful across the selection.

It looks good aesthetically, fits fine onto my monitor and I didn’t really have any problems with this. It does what is required of it in terms of what it aims to provide and is a good addition if you’re looking for something like that. I would have liked some more lighting options, but generally this fills a certain niche void and does actually make sense in a setup.

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Gaimglass Review product provided by Gaimglass tested with Gears 5, Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Windows 10 PC

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner