IOGEAR Upstream Pro Video Production Switch CES 2020 Preview

January 14, 2020 at 3:16am
By Jason Stettner

The IOGEAR Upstream Pro Video Production Switch was showcased at CES 2020 which is a device aimed to assist with work flow and professionalism when it comes to streamers. The release date is Q1 2020 with a price that has yet to be announced.

Designed for on-the-fly mixing and live streaming of commercial-quality video content, the device is an all-in-one multi-channel mixer that combines multiple HDMI inputs that support 4K 60fps video input and two 1080p 60fps sources, an RCA audio input and dedicated microphone input for pro-quality live streaming to a global audience via any content delivery network.
IOGEAR Upstream Pro Video Production Switch CES
Featuring a compact mixer control panel with programmable buttons and UpStream Studio, an intuitive iPad app, users can easily edit their layout, switch between scenes, add image or text overlays, and adjust PIP settings in a simplified tap and swipe UI.

This was an interesting device to see in action. You’re able to adjust how long transitions take along with the style of them which was varied. With a large knowledge of livestreaming myself, and doing so in a complicated manner currently this would be a wonderful addition to one’s work flow. It’s simplistic, compact and yet offers many options for how you present the content.

It’s less about jumping through hoops, and just plugging it all in. It covers all of the basics, and should work fine for the modern era of stream based content. You can check out what else we visited at the show through the general hub for this year below, but also be sure to check out our preview of the LG Smart Door concept.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner