Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Review

May 3, 2020 at 4:32pm
By Jason Stettner

With the ever growing delivery of home packages, security has quickly become a bigger deal. Especially considering the little care taken by those delivering due to the high capacity they work at. This makes the whole need for security cameras much higher today than they’ve ever been.

Here we have the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera, its form and compact for easy placement. It doesn’t stick out too well, but is noticeable enough as a good warning outside of its usage.

I think that’s almost just as important as having one of these, unless you’re aiming to be entirely stealth with it. It’s easy to place this essentially anywhere with a simple base to use for installation. The weight is 7.05 ounces with dimensions of 3.4 x2.4 x 2.5 inches.
Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Review
I use this primarily for package delivery, but you could easily set this up anywhere for any particular task. It comes equipped with a great quality 1080p camera at 20fps. This features a 140 degrees wide angle lens, so you’re able to actually swipe on the screen to look around if you’d like to.

I mention screen as this directly connects to your devices for viewing and connection through Wifi. They have a special, and very well designed app for IOS or Android platforms. It’s quite intuitive, and streamlined offering quick updates when needed.

I will note that it was somewhat annoying to have to get firmware updated prior to interaction though, a problem if I’m trying to swiftly interact with someone at the door. Back to the viewing style I was impressed with the visual feed, as it captures more than enough details for the task it was given.

It also has an excellent night vision capability, very clear and precise. I tested this indoors and outdoors with it performing beyond expectations in that regard. Another important aspect is the advanced motion detection, you get an alert on your phone instantly if there’s a movement that is abnormal. It does seem to do a good job of cutting back anything that isn’t actual movement.
Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera photo test
This is helpful, as you don’t want too many notifications that are for no reason. The prior note is achieved through a very reliable PIR motion sensor. The interactions don’t stop at visuals however, it has two way audio. If someone’s at the door you can talk to them, if there’s something going on you can hear very clearly what that is. I also find this to be an appreciated extra capability. Moving back onto the model itself, this features a very lengthy battery life with special batteries that come with it. They don’t take too long to charge, with the capacity being 18605 in a four (2600mAH each) lithium battery setup.

The max power consumption is noted as 5W, so very limited usage. This is IP-65 weather resistant so it can handle the weather fairly well. The working temperatures can go from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. This is fine for most climates, but here in Canada I would have liked lower temperatures being supported. It can get rather cold here for a good chunk of the year. These are the noted working temperatures however, so it will likely still last a bit lower in terms of the chilly numbers.

When it comes to storing the content you’ve had the device monitoring it has dual storage options. You can use a regular sd card of 8-64GB, or join into a paid Kami Cloud service. That service backs up to thirty days of time. I will note that you can also just save clips right on your mobile device if you want to back them up manually. This works the same way in regards to grabbing a quick photo right from the screen. The whole UI on the app is wonderfully done, being very clear to understand and use.

The Conclusion

The Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera is an excellent security option whether you just want to monitor an area, or to protect your precious packages. It has a clear, high quality HD camera with a fantastic night vision mode. The two way audio works very effectively, as does the connection to your mobile device. I was impressed with the app interface, and how well it did work on my phone.

It’s a very compact and sleek looking camera that was simple to install. I do wish that the working temperatures had more range, but for most climates it’s in a sweet spot. The battery life is great and there are many options for how you want to back up what you’ve been capturing. I feel this device really is up to the tasks it’s given, and will work well for protecting whatever you want at a grand value point. A final note is that the model is the “W102” in case you’re searching for that specific.

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Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Review product provided by Kami Home.

Rating Overall: 8.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner