LG 55SK9000PUA Review

Hardware (55" Screen)

The LG 55SK9000PUA is a completely modern TV experience, it has a focus on providing the latest technology while doing some new things with what's been available previously. The core element in that regard is the push for a native 4k resolution experience with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos. This hits the three essential pieces for what I'd consider to be the benchmark for a modern TV. Prior to checking out this model I've been using another 4k TV as I typically only jump when there's a resolution advancement, seeing this screen however really did make me realize the smaller advancements over time to the visuals.

Movies in 4k weren't too different, but the games certainly had better fluidity to them. I also noticed improvements for the visuals of lower resolution feeds. I tested some movies and games at 720p or 1080p to see this in action. There were some nice touch-ups there for the upscaling, definitely an effort to make them present better. Streamed content was great and with the WebOS 4.0 system in place there are many apps to download. This includes all the hot ones like Netflix or Amazon. Those two are also present on the remote, which I'll get to shortly.

The web aspect is handled with a Chrome browser which was great, especially since things don't tend to run on custom TV web browsers so that was appreciated. One negative aspect is the OS integrated ads, I feel that with the price of a TV you shouldn't have ads. They were mostly content focused, so not the worst I suppose. A music player can be accessed at any point showing up either full screen or as a small set of album icons in the corner, the sound was great. It was an easy way to play music no matter what I was doing. Another neat touch was a gallery option that helps blend the screen into the room with an array of art. If you're into the the AI assistant, there's support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Hardware Continued
The remote is fine, it's more traditional and stacked with buttons. I like the more modern almost button-less remotes, but this will be good for a regular consumer. Everything you need is clearly and in a colorful way, presented. It's a larger remote, with extra weight and a voice control built in. This is in part with the integration of ThinQ AI, that element will help you manage and get around the TV through voice.

The TV has spots for four HDMI; three USB, a composite, a lan, a RS-232C and an optical port. There are enough options for anything you might need to plug in. This is all on the left hand side when facing the screen, I'm used to the right but that is purely preference. There's a tiny power connection that plugs into the back and this is designed for either stand or mount. The wall mount is VESA 300mm x 300mm. The TV without the stand is 48.5" x 27.9" x 2.5" weighing 37.9 lbs and with the stand is 48.5" x 30.6" x 9.8" at 41.2 lbs. The LG 55SK9000PUA has a very thin bezel that does vanish into any picture you're watching and the whole thing is very thin. I really do feel TV's are hitting an eventual max thin point, but I guess there might be a bit more to go.

Now it's time to dive into more of the technical details of what's included. First off, there's no VRR support which is still relatively new so I didn't expect it. The screen deploys a Nano Cell Display which improves color accuracy with a wider color gamut while absorbing unwanted light. It emits truer colors, has reduced reflectivity and deeper black levels, even at wide viewing angles. I found there was still quite a bit of reflection during darker segments in games or movies, but it is better than what I'm used to. I would have also liked it to be brighter, it seems rather dark at most times. The picture is still amazing, but just smaller thoughts on what could be tweaked going forward.

The 4k HFR is a nice touch, that's a high frame rate for things shot at a high fps. This is becoming slightly more common, so support is a good extra. This is great for sports and other similar visual moments that require complete fluid presentation. The TV has TM240 (Refresh Rate 120Hz) with support for 4k Cinema HDR; Dolby Vision, HDR by Technicolor plus HDR 10 and HLG. There's a special dynamic tone mapping that takes the image frame by frame. The entire experience is powered by an a7 Intelligent Processor, which makes navigation and apps run very quickly. I was impressed by how responsive everything was, lots of power sitting in there.
LG 55SK9000PUA Review Product

The Conclusion

The LG 55SK9000PUA is an excellent option for the modern TV setup featuring native 4k HDR with Dolby Atmos for perfect audio quality. It played everything I threw at it very well across any modern medium. That of course being traditional movies, games or streamed content. It upscales lower resolution images to a good effect while presenting modern high resolutions perfectly. The HDR is well implemented looking great in games or movies, though I do wish the picture was generally brighter. The ThinQ seems to still be relatively new, but it works well with commands generally getting it right.

With time, the voice aspect should become an essential part of the experience if it's kept in later iterations. I found the remote a tad old school, while being large though this might be appropriate for the average consumer. I liked how everything was included from the apps I need, to the music options for listening, the casting of devices such as mobile and a number of ports for all my plug-ins. The visual options match everything I desire and expect, with the Dolby Atmos being a pleasant audio surprise. This is a great TV for those wanting to enter the 4k market or even needing an upgrade from an existing model.

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LG 55SK9000PUA Review product loaned by LG tested with Xbox One X with Games, Movies and Streamed Content. Games; Gears of War 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Horizon 3, Call of Duty: WWII, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Nier:Automata, Onrush, Minecraft. Movies (all 4k, some HDR); Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Dark Knight Rises, The Incredibles, La La Land, Thor Ragnarok.

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner