LG WK7 ThinQ Speaker Review

The LG WK7 ThinQ speaker is a great offering for those that want a way to control their general smart home or just to listen to music with. It comes with Google Assistant offering responsive voice communication to help manage your life. You can also just straight up use bluetooth to connect your device such as a smartphone to listen to music. It presents a quality audio sound that's clear and loud enough to hear across the house when it's maxed out. The bluetooth offering works flawlessly and connects well even over a distance. If you're looking for something more there's the Google Home app that will connect and greatly open up what sort of commands and features you can use.

It connects with other devices that also support the ThinQ ecosystem and will respond to what you request. Say you have lights, you can turn them on and off just by speaking to the WK7. Google Home also generally stores your details for the devices so it knows your voice and the things you need to do. You could create a reminder list or ask various questions. The speaker is always sitting there, listening and waiting for a question. The responses are almost instant for the most part, it hears everything well. That does of course vary depending on how loud you're listening to audio or the distance you are away. It does have a good ability to stop when it believes you're calling out to it while playing music loudly.
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Hardware Continued
The device itself has a fair weight to it, I'd consider it light for being a speaker. It's got a sleek and simple design that blends into your environment well. It'll seem like a natural part of your typical room or where ever you'd like to place it. It needs a single plug-in for power and it's a small cord. I did find the plug-in for the wall to be rather large in size, it does however have a sideways design so it doesn't take up multiple port spots. The top is easy to understand with a single button that carries a light around the edges so you know what's up. Beside the button are touch based spots for volume or pause/play.

The audio quality is quite great, I suppose the bass could have been more intense though I'm more into treble so that doesn't bother me. It uses Meridian audio bringing a certain style to how it presents sound. You get a high resolution audio of up to 24bit/96KHz. I tested this speaker with a variety of music and other sounds streamed from my iPhone XS and my regular desktop. This included classical type songs, alternative music lots of tings and classic rock as well so generally a variety that I use when reviewing headsets. The WK7 ThinQ speaker also carries both Bluetooth and Wifi support with many audio formats being compatible. The size of the WK7 speaker is 5.32" x 8.3" x 5.3" with a weight of 4.2 lbs.

The Conclusion

The LG WK7 ThinQ Speaker is a great addition to your home presenting quality music and a way to connect instantly through Google Assistant. You can straight up use Bluetooth for a connection or the wifi if you'd like. It's very responsive and fits well into a variety of spaces catering to whatever lifestyle you have. The Google Asstant works well with quick responses and many extra functions to assist with your day to day activities.

If you have other supported devices you can easily control them with voice through this speaker and that's great. It's a good size for this type of device and it looks aesthetically pleasing within your environment. It was excellent for listening to music with or asking questions. If you're really embracing the smart home this can be a perfect centerpiece for controlling it all.

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LG WK7 ThinQ Review product loaned by LG tested with Streamed Content.

Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner