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LucidSound LS35X Review

August 6, 2019 at 4:21am
By Jason Stettner

This is a premium headset line that really does feel like a taste of luxury. The LucidSound LS35X is a mostly heavenly headset, and one that was remarkable to check out. It’s aimed towards the gaming audience, but carries a visual style that could also work well for regular lifestyle activities. With this particular model it directly connects and syncs to the Xbox One console family.

With that, I would have loved Bluetooth support in this. I was quite disappointed about the lack of that connectivity support, and that’s really my only major issue with this. The headset truly is stellar delivering high quality audio with an extra comfy pair of headphone cushions with 50mm speakers to rest upon your years. This is quite fancy, and you get that sense right from the initial opening. The box is slick, contains everything you really need and there’s a super soft bag for your headset.

It’s nice to feel the interior of that. This is a wireless headset that works directly with your Xbox One. It syncs quickly and is very responsive when turned on, always ready to go. You can also use a standard 3.5mm aux if you’d like to for other platforms for listening. That cord is fairly lengthy, and a fine option for using this with other platforms if needed.

Feature wise this is a very neat setup. It presents intuitive volume and mute controls within the outside of the cups. You’re able to easily twist for adjusting audio, or tapping as well to tweak various elements. It’s hard to explain, but you feel really cool when you’re doing so. It’s easy to balance gameplay to regular party or voice audio and that was appreciated. It was easy to find the perfect balance I desired no matter what was going on in the game. This is done on the fly, with no delay.

Battery wise you get up to fifteen hours, it lasts quite awhile without dimming, and it doesn’t take too long to charge up. The microphone piece is crystal clear and it features dual microphones. There’s a very flexible boom mic that you can wrap anyway you’d like to. It’s tough as well, and you can move it so easily. It’s also detachable, this allows the internal microphone to kick in if you don’t want the mouth piece sticking out. I will note that mic monitoring is present, that’s where you can hear yourself talking to understand how loud you’re speaking.

Quality wise it comes with support for Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos, both of which are fairly standard in headsets these days. It sounds fantastic, and I was always impressed whenever I was using it. This was the case whether I was kicking back to listen to music, or playing games. You get a great sense of 3D space, and it features some solid noise cancellation for full immersion. Those cushions really are comfy when they deliver that audio, and you can forget you’re even wearing a headset which is nice. To build on that excellent cushioning, the rest of the design is super sleek.

This is one awesome looking headset, with some shin. It’s all held together with a strong metal band. This does add an element of weight, but you really don’t notice that. The top of the head cushion is also nice, with a simple texturing that is aesthetically appealing. Overall this is just one grand design, it feels cool to wear and looks insanely stunning.
LucidSound LS35X

The Conclusion

The LucidSound LS35X is one fancy, luxury headset for the Xbox One that delivers probably the best experience for comfort. This is one comfortable headset model that you can easily wear for extended hours without any issues. It’s got quality materials to it, and this is a treat to wear. It looks really sleek as well which is nice, I feel more confident as well while wearing it which might be odd to say.

It syncs very well, connects instantly to the Xbox One and has very intuitive controls. You can really set things easily on the fly with this one, to get that perfect game to voice balance. The lack of Bluetooth support is really disappointing, really would have hit perfect here. This is definitely one awesome headset to have, it features the highest of audio standards and sounds heavenly while playing. It’s easy to use and something that can also provide a lifestyle application.

This is great for gaming, and I was always impressed whenever using this. Definitely my standard headset now for the platform, truly blown away by what this delivers. If you’re able to add this to your headset line-up, it’s well worth it and you will not be disappointed. That is, unless you need the Bluetooth support.

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LucidSound LS35X Review product provided by Reverb tested with Binaural audio, Music (CHVRCHES, Naked & Famous, La La Land), Minecraft, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Gears 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, PUBG, Xbox One X, Windows 10 PC

Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner