Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review

May 8, 2019 at 5:36pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a rather interesting and perhaps specific cord option. I’d put this towards resolution enthusiasts or those that appreciate a higher visual quality. I fall into that particular category of desiring a better presentation when I go to play games and sometimes I’m disappointed. The Xbox One X has been great in providing something titled a Xbox One X enhancement. What this process does for older games is give them a resolution boost and it makes them look incredible.

It doesn’t however cover all games, only ones that go through the specific program. The reason I’m mentioning this aspect, is that the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition cord does just about that but for any game. Not even just games, generally lower resolution presentations. This is done through a special advanced contextual anti-aliasing. There is more to it than that however.
Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review Screenshot
To skip back to the general story, I initially thought the Nintendo Switch would give me the best results for what this cable could do. It actually did a great job for a number of titles to just make them look better. I captured some footage during this process in order to make exact comparisons. I would test while using the cord, set up a scene and film it.

Make a note and then go back to match that closely while having the vanilla console cords plugged in. While testing a number of Switch games I thought even better results might come through Xbox Backwards Compatibility. This connects to the note above, where some of these games basically play sub 720p and look rough when playing on Xbox One X. When you get the cord going it does help smooth those rough edges out. It also does other things to boost that lower quality of picture.

There’s some pixel and graphics rejuvenation at work here. You can see that in the comparison images with the left being when the cord is used and the right is when it’s not plugged in. It fixes a lot of what’s wrong with that lower resolution and really does make things sharper overall. I encourage you to click the photo to see it full screen, quite a difference.
Marseille mCable Gaming Comparison
This is also lag free so it’s an instant process. There really isn’t much of a cost to this in terms of how you run it. There’s an extra usb cord you plug in for power, this can be attached to the switch or really anything. It’s quite convenient. I appreciate the resolution upscale here where you get 1080p at 120fps or 4k 60fps. That’s a big deal as it’ll really assist with presenting some consoles. It basically covers the modern essentials when it comes to resolutions.

It doesn’t however support HDR which is disappointing. The HDR might be a drawback for those on premium consoles. That being said, it’s a massive general improvement and it can be a great option for any modern console platform. The Xbox One S, the Nintendo Switch, perhaps the Playstation 4 or even older generation consoles benefit a ton. This was amazing for Xbox Backwards Compatible titles, it even cleaned up more modern titles that are rougher around the edges. It’s basically an easy and perfect option for passively improving visuals. If you are often disappointed by the presentation of visuals on your particular console it can make a big difference.

When it comes to the cord itself this carries a HDMI 1.4 processor with a quality cord. It’s got a good length, it’s thick and has a 18k gold plated connector with a transfer rate of around 27GB per second which is excellent. Other tweaks include an improvement to contrast, you can also see that in the image comparison. I should note the image is taken from 1080p footage of enhancement turned off Halo 3 Xbox 360 running through backwards compatibility.

The Conclusion

The Marseille mCable Gaming Edition is an excellent option for improving the visuals of your modern gaming platform. It really does benefit all platforms, right up until the premium models for Xbox (Xbox One X) or Playstation (4 Pro) and that’s only because it doesn’t support HDR. If that aspect doesn’t matter, I’d say it’s a small price to pay to make sure you’re having a quality experience for all games. If you care about the resolution and look of your games this is great.

It’s an effect that I’d compare to a Xbox One X enhancement which is something I often marvel at if you view my coverage on those. There’s no lag, it just aims to make your games run better. To hopefully make them run like you remember them if you’re diving deeper into your personal library. I initially got the concept of what they were hoping to do here, I just didn’t think the delivery would be so impressive, this is a great boost for your general games. It’s also super easy to setup, no inconvenience there.

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Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review product provided by Marseille tested with Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner