Microsoft Canada Back to School Tech 2020 Guide

August 19, 2020 at 3:46am
By Jason Stettner

It’s almost time to head back into the classroom, whether that’s a physical one or a digital one. I imagine the latter will most certainly be more common due to the state of the world, and in particular our country as well.

With that, here’s a Canada back to school tech guide for 2020. This is focused on a wide selection of great Microsoft product offerings that should help your virtual, or in-person learning depending on your situation.

That could be in regards to you personally heading into the classroom, or if you’re buying for your eager learner. With that, keep in mind that students and parents can save up to 10% on some devices when visiting the Microsoft Store, an added bonus.
Surface Book 3 back to school
Surface Book 3
The ultimate work and play device. This flexible choice provides a package that can be a traditional laptop, while also having the option to detach in order to become an easy going touchscreen. It’s available in both 13” and 15” sizes. It’s powered by a Quad-Core 10th Generation Intel Core Processor.

When it comes to the visuals the NVIDIA GeForce GPU options can provide the play element of this in order to get your games running smoothly. There are of course many variations available, and you can look at them more in-depth through this link option. Regardless, it’s good for getting work done, and also being something for some fun.

Surface Go 2
This is a much more affordable entry point, while still having some power and solid quality to it. This is a 10.5” touchscreen device that’s great for casual tablet use or regular laptop work. It’s very light at 1.2lbs and its noted to provide up to ten hours of battery life for whatever tasks you need. It’s even 64% faster than the initial iteration.

It’ll be excellent for watching video content, getting your work done or just being a nice companion device for on the go. If you really need to stay connected while on the go you can get the LTE option. Read more about the device here.

Surface Laptop 3
If you’re looking for a more traditional laptop, the Surface line-up offers just that. This option comes in 13.5” and 15” screens. It’s a nice middle choice between the two previous devices. This is more geared towards traditional work, but with the refinements that the product family has provided.

The weight starts at just 2.79g with the essential ports you desire and a screen that you can touch. Its wicked fast with SSD options and features a vibrant display. Both models can provide up to 11.5 hours of battery life on typical usage, which should cover your long day. You can more about this option here.
Surface Earbuds back to school
Surface Headphones 2
The latest Microsoft take on headphones, these provide incredible audio. They’re great for casually listening to music, or for voice based tasks such as taking calls. There are thirteen levels of adjustable noise cancellation, and easy dials available right on the ears. Easily adjust audio levels to improve call clarity, or to get that music balance just right.

They’re designed for comfort, and can be integrated directly with some apps and other Microsoft devices. This is fueled by twenty hours of battery life, with an hour of music being provided by just a five minute charge. It’s light at 0.64lbs and it kicks with 40mm speakers. A good wireless option, that you can learn more about here through this link.

Surface Earbuds
If you need a sleeker option, the Earbuds are a great wireless choice. They integrate with various devices easily, and also provide gesture based control options. You can make calls, listen to music and command elements of your devices without even needing to touch them.

There’s twenty-four hours of battery life, and eight hours of time per single charge with additional charges being possible with the case. It’s just 7.2g per earbud. Each also has two microphones and a water proof rating of IPX4. Read more about them here.

Hopefully this was helpful in your look at Surface devices for your back to school tech experience. Whether you’re looking for something that helps get that school work done, or also for the moments where you want to get a little bit of play in.

I think that balance is important, and it should be considered whether you’re getting this for yourself or someone that will be tackling an education in this coming fall. I do heavily suggest taking an in-depth time to look into what the products offer on their individual pages.

There are many selections that can be made to fine tune what you’re getting out of them. You can make them extra powerful, or keep them more minimal depending on the need of the situation. You can read a tech based review below, or check out our hub for the company as well to see further coverage.

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