Ohsnap Review

March 1, 2020 at 10:03pm
By Jason Stettner

While at CES 2020 I was handed the Ohsnap to check out, and now I’m finally getting around to reviewing it. This is a grip option for your phone that’s apparently meant to not suck.

This is an interesting way to fix some issues various users have and it does have some benefits to it. This is only 3mm thick, making it less present if you’re fitting it into pockets or storing it as it’ll be attached to your phone.

Now, this does use an adhesive to the back of your device directly, or just a few case options. Not a huge fan of literally sticking things onto my phone, but some likely won’t care. Now, with it being stuck onto your phone this makes wireless charging a bit more difficult.
Ohsnap Review
Luckily, you can slide out the metal piece and then charging is a breeze. That being said, it’s somewhat annoying to have to detach something in order to charge as you might forget to slide it back in. A neat system, yet perhaps one that comes across as more complex than most would care for.

This does feel like a high quality product in terms of durability, and it does have a strong magnet on it. It should stick to many surfaces in your day to day, and I don’t feel you’ll have any issues with it actually holding steady from what I’ve seen. Keeping in mind I’ve been testing this out using the iPhone XS when considering weighting.

A signature aspect of this accessory is that it does snap out for a stand. You click in the center of the slide and it’ll pop out with two rubbery points. You use these as either a ring for your finger, or to sit your phone out for viewing.

This works fine though I will note that this is fairly thin so I’m curious about longevity on it. It does ring very easily, and it sits comfortably on your finger. You can also rotate it, a nice addition. I did find it somewhat difficult to fold back up, often having to adjust it a couple times after trying to flatten it. Additionally, sometimes only one side would pop up when hitting the middle.

The Conclusion

The Ohsnap is a fine accessory if you need something to assist with mounting, or presenting your phone. It does have some drawbacks, and I felt the signature aspect could have perhaps been handled a bit better. It’s definitely unique, and I can see many finding this helpful.

It definitely comes across as an excellent device when it comes to quality. Certainly a creative option that could serve to fix issues that folks have with displaying their phone. I would find the ring holder to be particularly helpful, or even just being able to stand it up.

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Ohsnap Review product provided by Ohsnap tested with iPhone XS.

Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner