Ovis Suitcase Release Date, Pricing CES 2020 Preview

January 21, 2020 at 4:11am
By Jason Stettner

While at CES 2020 I was able to get some time to see the Ovis Suitcase in action. I believe this was the third time that I’ve seen the device at CES events, so it’s nice to see the full iteration.

The release date is widely available January 2020 with a price point of $799 USD. You’ll also need to download a free app for IOS or Android devices to help track your suitcase among other functionality benefits. Included is a wrist worn smart band that notifies you if the suitcase is more than six feet away.
Ovis suitcase 2020
It also has a quick-touch manual mode for use on stairs or escalators. Finally, there’s a 93.6Wh removable battery with two USB ports for charging any digital devices. Now for some general features, this has auto side-following and obstacle avoidance.

It acts somewhat like a dog where it’s certainly following you, while doing its own thing. It’s really neat actually, and fun to have follow you around. The battery is removable and this is airline friendly. You can charge it on the go, and it has a TSA approved lock. It hits speeds of up to 4.5mph and has a four hour battery run time which includes over thirteen miles.

The total charging time is less than three hours and it has a thirty-two liter capacity. Those are all of the key details, it’s quite neat to see in action and to use. You can view a video of me running this on the Instagram embed post. You can check out what else we visited at the show through the general hub for this year below, but also be sure to check out our review of the Google Pixel 4.

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Having some fun at CES, first is Pepcom, then RCA’s mascot, Nvidia top score at the time and finally a fun follow you suitcase #ces #ces2020 #tech #technology #rca #nvidia

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