Pitaka Air Essential Review

February 4, 2020 at 3:40am
By Jason Stettner

The Pitaka Air Essential is a 10W fast wireless charging pad that comes in two designs. The first is Obsidian Black, the second is Crystal Silver and I was sent the former to review. This is essentially a perfect option for charging your devices.

I’ve been using it for awhile with the iPhone XS and the Google Pixel 4. I’ve been swapping between them for charging testing, and I’ve been more than satisfied for both options. I also like the aesthetic of this product, and the quality of it. It has a nice weighting to it, while still being generally light.
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It has embedded chain coils that allow you to place your phone vertically, or horizontally. You cannot however place two phones on the charger at once, but I’m not complaining as that’s not a specified element of this charger. Your phone sits there comfortably, with a little bit of grip holding it steady. If you move the base around, the phone doesn’t slide.

The charging pad feels nice to the touch, and is largely cool. I will note that you get fast charging for Samsung phones at 10W whereas 7.5W is the max for iPhones. It is compatible with all QI-enabled devices including AirPods if you have those. When it comes to internal coils, there are three built in.

This is made with the materials of aramid fiber and zinc alloy. Included in the case you’ll obviously find the base pad, a user manual and a USB Type-C cord. The cord is of a fair length, granting a good amount of slack for table or desk placement if you desire it to be there. When plugged in there are indicator lights to see how it’s working, and it is a small light to just give you an idea of it functioning.

Perhaps not need since your device will likely let you know how it’s charging, but a nice touch nonetheless. This has been an excellent addition to my wireless charging setup, and it’s served both of my devices perfectly well. I don’t have any complaints, it serves its intended purpose and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It blends in well with my environment, and stands out when I go to use it.

The Conclusion

The Pitaka Air Essential is a perfect wireless charging option for any QI enabled devices you may need to power. It is both aesthetically pleasing, and high quality in its performance. Again, I didn’t have any issues with this and it exceeded by expectations. I’m not sure what else they could really do with this sort of device, and I am very pleased with it.

It’s future proofed with the USB port, and it hits the specifications that are expected of today’s charging options. It looks sleek, performs well and holds steady when my device has been laid upon it. I also want to mention that the casing it comes in is very well designed and sturdy. The general pad itself also has a nice weighting quality to it, you could tell they used good materials to produce it.

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Pitaka Air Essential Review product provided by Pitaka tested with iPhone XS and Google Pixel 4.

Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner