Pow Mo Review

February 10, 2020 at 4:10am
By Jason Stettner

This is a very interesting take on what a speaker can be. The Pow Mo is an expandable wireless speaker that’s designed for travel or just generally easy placement. It’s a unique design, and even better when it’s paired with a friend. I was lucky to be able to review two of these models, a great aspect as they can coordinate in order to provide left and right channels.

This produces an immersive sound experience that I would note as being like wearing headphones, without having to wear anything. This aspect is fantastic, and it’s beneficial if you can get two of these together. That aside, these do work perfectly well by themselves so you won’t necessarily feel limited with a singular option. With the package you get the speaker, a rather short USB Type-C cord and a magnetic wallet attachment. To focus on the extras briefly, these were nice inclusions.

I would have liked a longer cord with the package, it’s really quite small and you’ll likely need to swap that out if you need more length for charging. The magnetic wallet is a really awesome inclusion. It works beautifully with the speaker so you can carry and stick stuff with it. It’s form fitting, and doesn’t stick out aesthetically. That’s a really neat aspect of this speaker, size wise it can fit easily with your phone or just into your pocket nicely by itself.

The speaker has the dimensions of a height at 4.4”/111mm and a width of 2.5”/65mm. When it comes to depth it goes from 2.1”/52.3mm to 1”/25.9mm when it’s compressed. It’s great to take this around, and you could literally bring it everywhere.

Of course with the previously mentioned magnetic aspect, you can also stick these anywhere. It holds steady, and I feel that’s a truly beneficial extra feature. This is water resistant, not sure what the rating is but it could get a little wet though I wouldn’t soak it or submerge it. It uses a Bluetooth connection, and a special stereo sync option.

They work together as I mentioned, and it’s quite beautiful to hear. The pairing worked fine enough, I wish they had a lower volume to the speakers when they’re syncing. That might sound odd, but it’s very audible. They loudly say “Pow Mo” when turning on and that continues once they do connect. Once everything is going they sound well, and I didn’t have any issues with the connections.
Pow Mo
These do provide an eight hour play time, and they do seemingly last forever. You will get a notification as to when the battery is low, and with some LED changing colors you’re always in the loop as to what the speakers are feeling. Whether that’s turning on, being synced or dying out after extended usage. The audio frequency here was 80Hz to 20kHz with a power output of five watts RMS per drive, of which is two. Now onto one of the highlighted elements of the Pow Mo, the expanding design element.

This features a truly unique feature, in that you can compress it. It becomes slim, or angles in whatever way you’d like it to. It can be squished down fully, or just partially. It might take a few times to get used to the method of opening it, but after awhile it you won’t have an issue in doing so. I do wonder about the longevity of this speaker being compressed, and then opened but it seems to be sturdy enough in terms of the materials used for that option. This is light, the feature of closing it down is both helpful and entirely unique for this speaker.

This is loud, clear and it hits all of the small tings that I desire when listening to music. I found it to be an excellent option while I chilled and played games. It brought out all of the quality I expect from my regular music, and when I was streaming from Apple Music. It’s all about music when it comes to this type of device and I can see myself using this a lot in the future. They’re easy to place anywhere whether you have one, or maybe two of them together. I definitely suggest the paired option if that’s feasible, they work together beautifully. This is just a truly unique design, and something that outperforms expectations when used.

The Conclusion

The Pow Mo absolutely provides great quality audio in a very compact offering that becomes even better when you get two of them paired together. These were loud and clear, whether they were alone or paired together. It seriously sounds just awesome when you do get two together, but you’re also going to get a lot out of a single unit.

It’s so easy to squish this down, and then take it anywhere. I could see this being perfect for trips, or even for just regular usage at home. They bring out a level of sound that you wouldn’t expect from such a small form, and that is certainly impressive. I felt that it was aesthetically pleasing with its design, and in how it transforms to a smaller shape. It felt immersive when I listened to them together and it took me away in terms of the atmosphere that was provided.

I didn’t notice any issues, I would have liked a longer USB Type-C cord. These work well, and I was more than surprised by what they provided while using them. It might take a bit to get used to pushing them out after they’re compressed, but it gets easier the more you do it and get a handle of things. The magnetic aspect is also a perfect little bonus, gives you just a tad more functionality out of the speaker.

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Pow Mo Review product provided by Branded PR tested with Binaural audio, Music (CHVRCHES, Naked & Famous, La La Land), Minecraft, Windows 10 PC

Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner