Samsung Bot CES 2019 Preview

The Samsung Bot was one of the biggest highlights at CES 2019, at least for me. This was a really interesting thing that I just so happened to arrive at the right time to be moved into. This was a private session type roped off area and it was cool. There was a full lengthy showcase of the three robot types and examples of what they can do. They had a pile of these special bots up there and afterwards I even went to take a selfie with one and had a photo taken beside it. If you had a tour and could get up close to see them, you totally would.

They're not however selfie friendly as it kept looking at me wondering what was wrong with me, instead of the camera. It would look at the camera for the selfie and then stare at me in wonder, I wish people had that level of emotion when they stared into my soul. It was the Samsung Bot Care, so it was probably wondering if I was sick or something. Anyways... this is a really neat line-up that covers general health with Bot Care, the atmosphere around you with Bot Air and lastly the money side of things with the business bot. Not at all the right name for that last one, but it describes it well. I encourage you to view the video at the bottom, as it really does showcase this all off very well.
Samsung Bot ces 2019
Starting with the Samsung Bot Care, this one is all about our health. Like with all of these robots, this is an auto bot in that you don't need to directly command it. It will follow you around, provide health routines with videos and check your blood pressure if you'd like. It has emergency response to call various medical services, or a loved one. It also has the option to remotely be told to keep an eye on someone in terms of asking them to take their medicine or to be cautious of something. It can dance as well, so that's cool. Now you no longer need to look silly dancing by yourself. Seems like a stepping stone to my highly desired companion bot that is friendly and enthusiastic. Oh, the adventures we could have.

I will admit though, stairs seem to be a hurdle for these machines, suppose that will be a later iteration. They didn't mention a slinky mechanic, so who knows I suppose. I'm sure engineers are working on this problem as we speak. The next in the product line-up was the Samsung Bot Air, this thing likes a clean atmosphere. It'll go around and find a contaminated spot, then kick into high alert with a yellow ring. It then gets aggressively pissed like something out of a horror film about the future with red eyes and a red ring. It then cleans the spot and returns to a happy green, I'd hate to be dust or something. I found it hilarious, hopefully they keep that mechanic.

Finally, we have a serving business bot. This one has trays, can accept payments and seems like something you'd find in a shop or buzzing around the mall. The convenience of an easily acceptable sandwich, would make like easier. Better than some incredibly tired and not interested person pushing a cart around, that's for sure. Should be interesting to see if businesses adopt this in the future, could be neat way to shop. Oh, it also can scan things and suggest new items with the example being someone with a Samsung Gear watch that wanted to get a new band. That's all I have for these robots so far, I encourage you to view the video as it showcases them off and has the general tour in the latter half as well. You can read more from CES at the hub link below.

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